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Termini Strikes Again. Chandler Street Is A Real Knockout

Rocco Termini has done it again. Except this time, instead of rehabbing one significant building, he has embarked upon a process to build a new neighborhood. Maybe even a district. Similar to Larkinville, Termini has begun to transform Chandler Street, which is located two blocks from Wegmans, and short distance from Elmwood Avenue (where a number of his other development projects can be found). What is so unusual, and thrilling, about Chandler Street, is that Termini literally owns a good portion of the street, which means that the sky is the limit when it comes to forward thinking plans to create a campus-like environment for a number of start-ups (some of which are already in steamroll mode).

A bird’s eye view onto the campus – Chandler Street sidewalks and infrastructure are in the design phase – Termini says that there will be street festivals on a regular basis. Termini mentioned that he is wondering if there is historic cobblestone under the asphalt street. C’mon City Hall… throw him a bone!

When Termini first set his eyes on Chandler Street, some people thought that he was nuts. Termini had redirected his focus away from Downtown Buffalo to a broken down, crumbling, industrial eyesore. Few people would have been able to look at all of the land/building components and have an “aha!” moment. But Termini is not your average person. While he might look like a guy who just walked off the golf course on any given business day, he’s not someone to be trifled with (with or without a golf club in hand).

The only thing that SHPO didn’t approve was Termini’s wood sunglasses.

Termini is a no nonsense, hands-on business person and change-maker, who can be found at any number of his projects at any given time. The guy lives and breathes his work, and still manages to be a devoted family man (even if he occasionally walks a fine line – his wife, Bridget, can sometimes be heard chiding him for taking on more than he can chew). But Termini has a voracious business appetite, and can chew through projects that would leave most people running for the hills.

BMS Design is the design and preservation lead and Schenne & Associates is architect for the $8 million project (National Register of Historic Places). 

Now, Termini is chewing up and spitting out Chandler Street (a START-UP NY zone). What was once a dump of a site, with no real purpose, is quickly becoming another crown jewel of Buffalo. The developer is converting the Chandler Street Industrial Buildings Historic District into a destination for young minds, who will work and play within the complex. Take, for example, the Linde Air Manufacturing complex at 155 Chandler Street (see before photos), which will soon become headquarters for software development firm Utilant, a current tenant at his Foundry Lofts project. The sprawling complex will also be home to ceramic technology firm EnrG. Unlike Utilant’s flashy office space (with interior garden), EnrG is shaping up to be more of an industrial work site with lofted offices. Other tenants within the building include Barrel + Brine Café and TaproomBlackBird Cider Works, a tax accountant business, and a call center. And this is just the beginning. If you think this is impressive, there’s a lot more coming our way.

Stay tuned for more progress on Chandler (including more exciting news) over the next couple of days. 

Utilant’s lobby – all of the original industrial elements such as iron beams are seen in their original state – new elements have been painted making it easy to differentiate for historic purposes

Conference room
Utilant’s kitchen in the background – employees get to eat for free
The kitchen
The courtyard where employees will play volleyball, corn hole, etc. – State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) would not allow a swimming pool to be built
Sprawling walk through the campus
EnrG offices on are up above

Polished concrete floors throughout much of the building
SHPO regulations meant rebuilding/restoring wood ceiling
Incredible amounts of natural light thanks to industrial daylighting features

BlackBird Cider Works’ tasting room – with patio access


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