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Sounds of Buffalo: The Surfin Cadavers

The Surfin Cadavers

Sebastian Black – Guitar

Lee Hoffman – Bass

Rick Andolina – Drums

What is the name of your group and what led to the naming?

Sebastian Black: Our band is called The Surfin Cadavers, which is representative of the Genre of music that we play which is Surf Instrumental and Cadavers stems from growing up on B Horror Movies, Zombies, Vampires and Classic Movie Monster Trading Cards, as well as a healthy dose of Science Fiction, which is incorporated into the music that I write.

Lee Hoffman

When did it form?

Sebastian Black: The original lineup formed in 2014, and performed our first show at Milkies on Elmwood.

Who writes the music?

Sebastian Black: I’ve written the songs in our repertoire, with the exception of a co-written piece with from Rick Andolina.

How would you describe the sound?

Sebastian Black: It think it’s like listening to a Danceable Soundtrack to a Bad Horror Beach Movie at the Drive-In.

Lee Hoffman: Horror meets Surf

Where are you from originally? If not from Buffalo, why are you here?

Sebastian Black: I’m born and raised in New York City, and came to Buffalo in 2012. Mrs. Black and I moved to Buffalo in 2012 after finding a home for sale that was in a book published in 1915 called the Beautiful Homes of Buffalo.

Lee Hoffman: Buffalo Native

Rick Andolina: Buffalo Native

What are some of the band’s influences?

Sebastian Black: Musically my influences are The Mermen, Messer Chups, Link Wray, The Ventures, and lots of pre Cable TV, such as The Munsters and The Adams Family, Twilight Zone…etc.

Lee Hoffman: Todd Rundgren and Canadian Alternative Bands

Rick Andolina: Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate

Rik Andolina

Are you schooled in music? From where?

Sebastian Black: I’m Self taught and play intuitively, as I cannot read sheet music.

Lee Hoffman: Studied music at University at Buffalo

Rick Andolina: Studied for 5 years with a Private Instructor

Where is your favorite place to play/sing in Buffalo?

Sebastian Black: I love playing small clubs where I can get close up to the audience, so Mohawk Place and Tudor Lounge rank high on my list. As for places to play, I would love to see a fantastic all-day Surf Music Festival held at Canalside. Anyone know any promoters?

Lee Hoffman: Tough question, but limiting it to Buffalo it’s a toss up between Mohawk Place and the Tudor, with the Tudor slightly ahead. Both places have a history in the local music scene and both places support all types of music.

Rick Andolina: I go where they go.

What’s your day job?   

Sebastian Black: I’m involved with Psychic and Paranormal events.

Lee Hoffman:  Chief Information Officer for a local school system

Rick Andolina: Pizza Slinger

What was the last live music performance that you caught?

Sebastian Black: Cult of the Psychic Fetus (seriously that is their name)

Lee Hoffman : Peter Frampton and Steve Miller at Artpark

Rick Andolina: Deano and the Hip Tones

Do you play/sing covers or all originals? Or a combination of both?

Sebastian Black: We have a large catalog of original music, however we like to throw in our version of a classic or two.

If you could play/sing with one famous band (any time in history), what would that band be?

Sebastian Black: Hands down it would be Alice Cooper 

What’s it like playing in a mask?

Sebastian Black: Extremely hot, but we suffer for our art.

Lee Hoffman: They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

Rick Andolina: It’s anonymous fun.

Do you have a label? A recording studio? Have you recorded a CD?

Sebastian Black: We are working on a CD for release soon.

Where and when is your next gig(s) in the city? 

Sebastian Black:

Mohawk Place – Saturday July 20th – Midnight of course – 47 E Mohawk St, Buffalo, NY 14203

Evening Star Concert Hall – Saturday September 15 – 9pm – 8810 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304

The Witches Ball October 27th at Statler City

Finally not in Buffalo but worth mentioning. We will have the honor of performing with the top bands in the industry in Livorno Italy in 2019 at the Surfer Joe International Surf Festival.

The masked crowd

What are some of the band’s idiosyncrasies?

Sebastian Black:

All of our music is instrumental, and without lyrics, as I believe that you can invoke emotion without words getting in the way. As a matter of fact we do not speak during a performance, although we have a unique way of communicating with our audience during a show which does not involve speaking.

A Surfin Cadaver show is a fun experience, where you will hear some good danceable yet creepy surf music, as well as a chance to wear your very own Surfin Cadaver Mask, that is if you can catch one during our drive-in movie style intermission in which we also toss out free salty snacks.

Stay Creepy.

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Lead image: Sebastian Black

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