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Outbound: eARTh House hosts Art Show Wednesdays

Next up: Fourth of July!

When I first heard about eARTh House, I was immediately fascinated by the directives behind the artist collaborative. I was aware of a number of Erin Mannion’s promotional efforts around town, mainly associated with her work with Spun Out Fire Productions. But I was not aware that she had joined up with the collaborative, which is unlike anything else in the region.

eARTh House is a place where artists come together to showcase their creations/enterprises – art classes, fire spinning workshops, custom murals, hand blown glass, gems & minerals, homemade soap, wood carvings, graphic design, etc.

eARTh House opened in Lockport in January of 2012. They reopened in North Tonawanda in April of 2018.

Some of Mannion’s hair accessories

Talking to Mannion is a whirlwind adventure unto itself. Her creative thought pattern spins as dizzyingly as her fire routines. What I like most about Mannion is that she is a creator who is constantly reinventing herself. She’s an inventor, a clothing designer, a fire spinner, jewelry designer, hair ‘accessorizer’, … the list goes on and on. I recently caught up with Mannion at a Maddink event in Black Rock. I asked her about the foundations of the eARTh House shop.

Who started eARTh House?

“The shop was originally founded by Wyld Kyle himself, and he operated for about 6 years in Lockport,” she said. “Keri Mikulec started working with Wyld while the shop was still in Lockport, as did I. When we moved to the new location, Wyld Kyle and Keri became co-owners of the shop, while I’m now assistant manager.”

Wyld and Keri at the new location – 140 Main Street, North Tonawanda, NY
Some of Mannion’s necklaces

What does eARTh House mean to you?

eARTh House is what introduced me to the arts scene in WNY. When I met Wyld Kyle, and went to the shop for the first time, I was just amazed at how much effort he was putting into this place to give people a venue to show off their skills.

That’s why you joined up?

Getting involved with the shop and doing more and more was one of the best decisions I ever made! It opened up a whole new world of creativity and collaboration with a community that I didn’t know was there beforehand.

eARTh House continues to be this massive source of inspiration and connection for myself and the community at large. What Kyle, Keri and myself have accomplished with the new location and what we want to grow into over the coming years will be a great asset to the arts community in WNY.

Now you have spun off an event series?

Yes, we decided to start doing Art Show Wednesdays, after years of having this amazing mix of artists selling their pieces through the shop. We wanted to do more to showcase all of these unique and original artists throughout Western New York, since we get all types, from painters to fiber artists to glass blowers and so much more! Out of this desire came Art Show Wednesdays – one day a month when we would provide a space and a spotlight for each artist individually and pair them up with some beautiful live music artists to create a great intimate atmosphere to showcase these talented people.

How has the eARTh House been received?

The community in North Tonawanda has been incredibly supportive and welcoming to us, we were blown away at how happy they were to have us move in.

Can you give us a breakdown of the upcoming event on the Fourth of July?

Join eARTh House on Wednesday, July 4th, with Erin Anne Mannion and Kevin Prentice for the July edition of Art Show Wednesdays. NOW at our new location of 140 Main St., North Tonawanda, NY. 

  • As always free wine – 21+ must provide valid ID to enjoy the free wine tasting
  • Plugged in acoustic music
  • FREE PIZZA served at 6. First come first serve, while it last
  • This is a family friendly event and It will be free for all ages
  • Flow toys and hula hoops are also encouraged as there is room in the back to spin… and outside on the days it’s nice
  • Live art demonstration
  • Browse works by eARTh House artists
  • Pop up gallery by Erin Mannion of Freedom, NY – Meet and greet with the artist
  • Special Guest Musician Kevin Prentice from Buffalo, NY. Featuring two sets of original jams and a dash of class rock covers 
  • Opening Music provided by eARTh House’s Art Show residents Noah Fuchs & Joe Evans. Covering some Dead and playing originals
  • FREE admission

Come pay a visit to eARTh House during their regular scheduled hours, or stop by on the Fourth of July between 4pm and 8pm at 140 Main Street, in North Tonawanda. And remember, eARTh House hosts Art Show Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of EVERY month.

Click here to find eARTh House on Facebook

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