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White Gloved Vegan

A Tragedy Turned Into A Second Chance

At this juncture in time, we are all aware of the benefits of veganism. At the same point, there are a lot of people who love the idea… but just can’t handle the thought of living a meat/dairy free lifestyle. Perhaps the ability to make the crossover lies in knowledge of Buffalo’s vegan-friendly landscape? If that’s the truth… the answer… then I would imagine that a local website dedicated to the vegan lifestyle would be conducive to helping people make the jump.

Enter White Gloved Vegan. The formation of the local veganist website came about when Alex Miller was faced with serious health issues and his doctor prescribed a more healthy eating regimen. According to Alex, the decision to rely on a vegan diet not only saved his life, he also became a crusader for the cause (which tends to be accompanied by a stigma). Today Alex and his girlfriend Brittany Kruse are dedicating themselves to creating a buzz about the plant-based scene in WNY (and beyond). They’re out there discovering vegan-friendly restaurants, markets, chefs, etc., that are helping them to live a healthy and happy life.

The East Coast isn’t known for plant-based eats, but Buffalo has broken that mold with the first FULL vegan cafe. BBQ jack fruit sliders by @rootandbloomcafe

“Personally, I just passed the one-year mark of receiving a stent due to a 99% clogged widow maker artery at the age of 32 years old,” said Alex. “The cardiovascular surgeon at South Buffalo Mercy gave me life changing advice to make this diet change which in turn, has created a passion for Brittany and me to share our newfound knowledge with whoever will listen. By being entirely transparent and making my struggles known about having heart disease at a young age, it has gained us quite an audience.”

Alex and Brittany have been working on the vegan-based website for eight months, and in that time they have opened up doors that they never even knew existed. The couple not only shares their vegan experiences with WNYers, they have also managed to attract the attention of vegans all over the country… and the world.

We have been able to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome, by spreading awareness throughout the US via our stances on veganism,” said Alex. “Brittany also creates plant-based recipes and shares them to our readers periodically, to entice others to try this delicious food. Our viewpoints have been received very well across the US, as well as other countries. We have made differences in others’ lives which has been very rewarding for the two of us.”

Vegan ice cream sandwich by @fairlyfrosted at Niagara Vegfest

Today, Alex and Brittany are not only spokespeople for the vegan movement, they are also affiliated with a number of businesses (including Elmhurst Nut Milk – a local business) that are dedicated to the plant-based diet.

“We came out with ‘Vegan Gold Cards‘ which are sold on our website in a pack of 20,” said Alex. “We also do weekly giveaways on Instagram. They are essentially ‘thank you cards’ that can be given to restaurants that offer vegan options and support our community. You can take a picture of the card with food, tag the restaurant on social media, and use our hashtag. This allows the restaurant to gain more supporters.”

Alex and Brittany are serious about making revolutionary changes where the vegan movement is concerned. For example, they have set out to affect change on broader levels, by encouraging local Tim Hortons franchises to offer non-dairy options (check it out). That’s just part of taking their message and making it a more tangible experience for vegans.

We are currently working on creating more products including apparel and metal work for our online shop,” Alex noted. “We’re also looking into creating an affiliate program by having one ‘White Gloved Vega'” per state that will become an ambassador of our movement.”

I’m excited to see how Alex and Brittany will take their message anr run with it in years to come. It looks like they are on an adventurous road, and they’re hoping to take as many people on the healthy excursion as possible.

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