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The “Normel” Way to Have a Ball: New Paintball Course in Buffalo

Normally, a Buffalonian’s summer involves typical Delaware park runs, maybe kayaking at Canalside, or eating in the outside dining area of favorite restaurants. However, by late July, there will be a new “normel” summer activity … Normel Paintball, created by the owners of Normel Tech, Erik Hansen and Joshua Burch.

The only outdoor paintball course in WNY will be coming to the East Side this summer, offering a unique and competitive way to bond and have fun with friends. The facility is on a 3.1-acre block located at 482 Howard Street in Buffalo, on the other side of the tracks of the Central Terminal.

With three buildings and various barriers and obstacles, Erik and Josh describe the course as an urban-ruins theme. The course will be able to facilitate a variety of different games– from your typical paintball, to capture the flag, as well as innovative scenario or mission style games. Normel Paintball will host tournaments, parties, and large groups following their opening.

Paintball is an exciting activity available to anyone over the age of 10. Normel Paintball is different from many typical paintball courses, despite their seemingly normal name. While the majority of paintball courses take place in open areas with simplistic barriers, Normel Paintball will reassign a purpose to an underutilized area of the city that will feature a more interactive and elaborate facility for its guests. Normel Paintball is distinctly current, youthful, and unique, keeping the currently uninhabited buildings from the early 1900s on the property, and repurposing them for recreational use. Located on the East side, Normel Paintball will become a hub of activity and a means of fostering a sense of community within the area.

More information coming soon!

Written by Claire Wanzer

Claire Wanzer

Claire Wanzer is from Amherst, NY and currently attends Niagara University where she’s pursuing a degree in English and Communication Studies. Claire is also a member of the women’s basketball team at NU and is extremely passionate about sports. She loves animals, hiking, rollerblading, yoga, hanging out with her friends, and especially writing for her personal blog,

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