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The Choise of Valentines: A Burlesque Cabaret

Believe it or not, burlesque is getting pretty big in Buffalo. There are numerous bars and clubs around the city that support the bawdy dance acts, including Gypsy Parlor, which has been a fervent supporter of the cabaret crusade since the onset. 

Starting on Wednesday, June 6 (8pm), cabaret performer extraordinaire Vanessa Oswald will be choreographing a four part burlesque series at The Gypsy Parlor (see Facebook event page). The show, The Choise of Valentines: A Burlesque Cabaret, was created by Billy Horn (based on a pitch by Elliott Fox), and is being hosted by Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret (Billy Horn and Rosie Lorenti of Niagara Falls’ Patchwork Theatre).

In addition to permanent members Moxy and Ziggy, they welcome along a rag-tag group of vocalists and musicians in a revolving door of cabaret styles to their act which creates a romp of a good time.

“Our act will stand out from other burlesque shows because of our take on the art, having adopted a form of ‘narrative burlesque,'” said Billy Horn, who goes by Ziggy Spruce in the band Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret (Billy partnered with Rosie Lorenti, who is Moxy). “This particular show is based off of an erotic poem from the 1590’s, The Choise of Valentines by Thomas Nashe, and tells the story of a young man’s emerging sexuality, told through burlesque dance. Featuring a talented cast of actors and singers, sexy cabaret arrangements of pop songs, and gorgeous dancers under the choreography of Vanessa Oswald, we perform a unique form of storytelling combining elements of theater, music and burlesque, and I believe that this unique combination will endear us to audiences and make our show a hit. The original version of this show was performed at the Patchwork Theatre of Niagara in 2016 and had a sold out run.”

Featuring (*dancer):

  • Moxy Cleaveland & Ziggy Spruce
  • Talula Fargo
  • Ramona Winthrope
  • Molly Remington
  • Suga Tush*
  • Sapphire SeaQueen*
  • Duchess Harding*
  • Tomalin
  • Nash

The cabaret aspect of the show is being spearheaded by Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret, “a folksy-punk acoustic duo from Niagara Falls, NY comprising of Moxy Cleaveland on piano and bass and Ziggy Spruce on guitar and percussion.” The duo will be deconstructing and reconstructing pop hits, that will be accompanied by some exquisite burlesque talents. The show is recommended for mature audiences.

The Choise of Valentines: A Burlesque Cabaret

Four show dates, starting Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Gypsy Parlor | 376 Grant Street | Buffalo, New York 14213 | (716) 551-0001

Accompanied by Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret

Adapted by Billy Horn, concept by Elliot Fox

Choreographed by Vanessa Rae Oswald, featuring her burlesque troupe

See Facebook for all of the details and dates

$5 cover

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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