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Sounds of Buffalo: A&L

A&L band members

Lana Marie – Vocals

Anthony Casuccio – Guitar

Rich Smith – Drums

Matt Sunick – Bass

What is the name of your group and what led to the naming?

Anthony Casuccio: Our name is A&L. We have an interesting story. I was producing jingles and asked Lana to sing on a few of them. Because of our jingle work together, I asked Lana to sing on this song that I wrote called Get Me a Drink. We recorded it and we released it with no expectations. We needed a name, so we went with A&L. Honestly, we figured it would easily help identify us as individuals and we really did not want to try and figure out a name. One of the jingles that we recorded is still being used. The Vinyl Outlet. We started this musical endeavor four years ago. Morphing from a duo, Rich Smith and Matt Sunick from The BigBottleRocket have joined the A&L family.

Who writes the music?

Anthony Casuccio: I am the primary song writer. I will create demos for everyone to hear so that they can take some time to develop their ideas and parts. We usually track the drums first along with the guitars. Rich Smith and I discuss the direction and his ideas for the rhythm section. We will record the drums. Then Matt (Sunick) comes in and lays down his bass part. Once we get a rough mix down, Lana will come in and track her vocals. We have a system down and usually get the performance we need within a few takes. Looking back, most of our songs were recorded in very few takes. I know other bands take much longer. We want perfection, but we also want it to feel musical. We have been very fortunate to be able to achieve our musical visions quite quickly.

What are some of the band’s influences? 

Lana Marie: We all like pop/rock music but listen to some country too. You can hear influences from The Beatles to Foo Fighters in our songs. Our songs are radio friendly. We have classic rock roots like Pat Benatar, Rush, and Triumph (we are from Buffalo).

Following video directed by James Grimaldi:

What are some of the biggest accomplishments to date?

Lana Marie: We have released seven songs that have garnered a lot of attention in Europe. 5 of our 7 singles have topped the Euro Indie Music Top 200 countdown reaching #16, #9 and #3. Our music has been played in over 70 countries on over 150 radio stations. The past 4 years have included various live shows, movie sound tracks, radio interviews and features in leading music publications and the cover of Jamspere Magazine.

Do you have a label? A recording studio? Have you recorded a CD?

Lana Marie: We do have a CD called Just For Fun. We started this whole A&L project “just for fun” so we thought that was an appropriate title. All our singles and CD are available where ever music is downloaded.

Do you play/sing covers or all originals? Or a combination of both?

Anthony Casuccio: We are an original band but throw in a cover or two.

Where and when is your next gig(s) in the city? 

Lana Marie: We are releasing our 8th single We Are Love with a show on June 26th. And in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading independent promoters; Vittek Records, We will be celebrating our release with a virtual concert, streamed from Vittek Records’ Facebook page and shared via various A&L pages. We will be performing in the Villa Maria College recital hall, 240 Pine Ridge Road. The concert is free and open to the public. Be part of the studio audience. Doors at 7 PM, concert at 7:30 PM. For the fans that are not local, or cannot attend, you are invited to tune in and take part in the concert. Check out A&L’s Facebook page

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