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Ford Purchases Michigan Central Depot

When you think about the future of the Central Terminal, what comes to mind? I would think that most people dream about the future, not the past. We’re all wondering what’s going to happen with the magnificent architectural marvel. We have seen opportunities come and go, and at this juncture in time, we’re waiting to hear that a new owner is stepping up to the plate, to knock a ball out of the park.

In Detroit, MI., residents have been subjected to the same sort of ups and downs regarding the Michigan Central Depot (MCD). But it looks as if the turbulent times are finally coming to an end for the MCD, as Ford has just purchased the abandoned 500,000-square-foot, 18-story former station. If you’re familiar with the MCD, then you are aware that it is essentially the twin station to our own Central Terminal (especially when viewed from the interior).

The Washington Post has the story behind Ford’s purchase of the MCD. In the AP article, Matthew Moroun, son of building owner Manuel “Matty” Moroun stated, “The deal is complete. The future of the Depot is assured. The next steward of the building is the right one for its future.”

While Ford has not yet discussed the plans for the MCD, there is no question that that the iconic structure is finally on the right track. Ford has already positioning the structure as a success story that will help to attract young professionals back to Detroit. The MCD will be a beacon… a symbol… an attraction. Like the Central Terminal, the future of the MCD will mimic the economic future of the city itself.

As many Buffalonians are still reeling from the news that the Central Terminal was not chosen as the new Amtrak Station, a $5 million “consolation prize“has been awarded that will hopefully help to attract a new owner. The question is… who is Buffalo’s knight in shining armor, akin to Ford? When will Buffalo get the same sort of news that Detroit just received? Buffalo continues to charge forward, despite lacking the investment and vision that will put the Central Terminal back on the economic map. The redevelopment of the Central Terminal site could be the catalyst that helps to turn around the city’s East Side. It will be interesting to hear what Ford has planned for the MCD.

Now, take a listen… you can almost hear the cheers in the Motor City.

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