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What Happens When 20 Local Young Professional Development Groups Get Together?

For the first time in Buffalo history (that we know of), 20 local networking & professional development groups of various interests came together for a night of networking and fun. This get together brought new meaning to the idea of “work-life balance” as it showcased just why Buffalo is a great place to live and to work.

We all know Buffalo as the “City of Good Neighbors,” but just maybe we should consider calling ourselves the “City of Good Networkers.” In the middle of Buffalo Riverworks, and a buffet of mac ‘n cheese bites, and of course Buffalo chicken pizza, a couple hundred young professionals, mixed and mingled with 20 different professional development groups who focus on uniting people with common interests. These groups represented professionals involved with everything from Advertising and Architecture, to Women in Business and Human Resources.

In true Buffalo fashion, connections were quickly made, and not only over shared excitement or disappointment for Buffalo sports, but instead over finding people who share the same professional interests and aspirations. Wherever your professional passion lies, there is a group for you. 

So maybe you do like the idea of being a part of a networking group – meeting people who share your interests, often eating good food and learning new things. But how do you find and get involved in such a group?

You could spend your precious time researching and Googling things like “professional development groups in Buffalo Niagara,” but let’s be realistic, you’re probably wishing for one go-to guide that lists the best organizations in the area for your convenience.

Well, you’re in luck.

At BN360, we did the research for you and put together the Young Professional’s Guide to Networking and Development in Buffalo Niagara. So, check out the guide, find a group that shares your common interests and get involved!

Download the guide HERE.

2018-2019 Young Professional’s Guide to Networking & Development in Buffalo Niagara

Written by BN360


BN360 is the region’s premier young professionals program. Through a variety of programs and events, BN360 focuses on the tenets of: connect, develop, and empower—creating an inclusive and collaborative network of resources that can empower talented individuals to achieve their goals for professional growth and success. BN360 is a program of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

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