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Tonight: Affordable Housing Exhibit at El Museo

Architect and UB professor Brad Wales is back at it again. Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of examples of his class’s Small Built Works Studio projects infiltrate Allentown and the West Side. Now Wales and his students will be showcasing a series of affordable houses that were dreamed up via the UB Small Built Works Program. But these houses are not a pipe dream, or pie in the sky. According to Wales, the plans/drawings/concepts for these houses are the real deal, and are 75% permit ready. That means that with the right community non-profit partner, or a developer that has ties to a non-profit component, these affordable homes can be realized in Buffalo. 

“This is not a theoretical project,” said Wales. “The exercise was to make a few real projects – ultimately to get a couple of affordable houses built that have an emphasis on the studio name – SUN_FOOD_WATER. These houses all have design elements that focus on sustainability. This initiative is straight from UB’s Dean’s Office (Robert Shibley), to investigate prototypes and affordable house design.”

A show is being held this evening at El Museo in Allentown. Houses featured include:

Two Affordable House Designs

One Tiny Wood House 250sf

One Container House  650sf


One Market-rate Brick House 2,400sf

Come learn about what it would take to get these houses out on Buffalo Streets. It’s time to get excited about small-built affordable homes, especially with involvement from UB’s School of Architecture and Planning.

Another exciting element of the show is the new El Museo gallery space, which has been brought back to its intended 2006 luster. According to Wales, Bryan Lee (the new curator for El Museo) and William Vogel who are the real superstars, and who understands the importance of minimalist design as it relates to space. Wales (Small Built Works Program) was involved with the 2006 renovation, which features a minimalist cube within the gallery, which emanates worlds of energy. Wales also credits Colleen Stapleton with helping towards the completion of the beautiful restoration work.

Also featured at the show, will be the Old First Ward Benches Project scheduled to be installed this Summer!

Affordable Housing Exhibit at El Museo

A show of the UB Small Built Works Program

Tuesday May 15, 2018


Short talk at 7:30pm

El Museo | 91 Allen Street | Buffalo, NY

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