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Losing My Food Truck Virginity

Now that I am at the ripe old age of 19, I finally realized that I don’t know much about the city I claim as my hometown. The extent of my Buffalo knowledge, navigation, and experiences throughout my life have been historically restricted to the basketball scene within the area… aside from that, my Buffalo IQ is extremely low.

Luckily at this ripe old age, I now have the desire, time, and means (a car) to explore my hometown.

My first mission was to lose my Food Truck Tuesday virginity. Since the first time I had heard about Food Truck Tuesday, I always said how I wanted to go. But talk is cheap, and gas is expensive and my parents never felt like driving me.

After I got back from college last week, I knew I needed to be proactive in achieving my Buffalo exploration goals. This week I made the plan in my agenda to go to Food Truck Tuesday and there was no way it wasn’t happening. As any excited teen would do, I asked my closest group of pals, inquiring about who would be free to accompany me. After 4 facetimes and 25 texts, I recruited my friends Claire M. and Molly to join me.

Both had already lost their FTT virginity, but loved it enough to come back.

I drove* to Larkin Square and carefully parked on a side street (only hit the curb once). We got there around 6:30 pm and it was crowded and appeared to be in full swing. At the gate, some security asked if we would be drinking. I reluctantly replied “no” because I’m only at the ripe age of 19, so obviously I could not possibly drink anything other than water…

There was live music, lights, lawn chairs, and a lot of people. And thankfully, an appropriately significant number of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages.

Then the food truck situation: what I had been waiting for all these years. Would it live up to the hype? Would it flop and disappoint? Would all the trucks pack up and drive away when they saw how overly excited and eager I was to be at such a cool event?

Lobster Mac

Well, first of all, I was definitely overwhelmed. There were a lot of people and the lines were kind of sporadic. Also, I had no clue what trucks were there because I didn’t come very prepared. However, after a brief walk through, I decided that Lobster Mac from Macarollin would be a sufficient dinner choice. And it did not disappoint.

Although $14 seemed like a steep price for a frugal college student, I can honestly say that it was completely worth it. I loved the different textures of bread crumbs, lobstah, and pastah and some type of cheese. I’m not a certified foodie, but I love food and can say that I would 10/10 get this again.

Side note: I did not know that I should have brought more cash to FTT. Some food trucks only take cash and $10 was definitely not enough. I had to eliminate a few food trucks just because I was a rookie with a credit card.

Next, my friends and I decided that in order to get the full FTT experience it was necessary to get dessert. Completely crucial.

Even though we are all going to the beach together next week, we made a mutual agreement to disregard the blatant diet cheating that was about to go on.

I’m usually an ice cream girl through and through, but at this exciting event, I had to take a step outside of my comfort zone. I considered getting a crêpe because the guy working the crêpe truck was cute. But then I saw a pink cupcake truck and the princess in me just had to have one!

[Sassi Cakes: (birthday cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, Reese’s peanut butter cup)
The woman working in the truck informed me that the Cookie Dough cupcake I ordered was sold out of the full size, so she gave me 4 (!) mini ones instead. They had to be a hit if they were sold out, so I took that as a good sign.

After inhaling desserts, listening to some live jams, reminiscing on our long since passed high school days and people watching galore, we headed back to the car. We made a quick stop to the top of the parking garage behind the trucks just to get a quick view of the whole scene…and take Instagram-worthy pictures.

…Only to discover that there was an entire other 15ish trucks on the other side of the road that we had completely missed…

Now, I have about 15 more reasons to return to FTT.

I still feel like half a virgin.

*I’m looking forward to going back because the event has a great atmosphere. The only drawback was the transportation aspect. My friends and I had originally planned on taking the Metro Rail and then walking to Larkin Square—until we realized that that would take way too long and we couldn’t afford to get that sweaty. Ultimately, there was no convenient and easy way to get from the Metro Rail to Larkin Square, which was a bummer. I also checked to see if there were bike lanes from Canalside to Larkinville – I would have thought that Exchange Street would be bike friendly. If that was the case, we could have loaded our bikes onto the Metro Rail and biked to Larkinville from Canalside. It looks as if South Park to Van Rensselaer could be a biking option (bike lanes on South Park), though not as direct.

Written by Claire Wanzer

Claire Wanzer

Claire Wanzer is from Amherst, NY and currently attends Niagara University where she’s pursuing a degree in English and Communication Studies. Claire is also a member of the women’s basketball team at NU and is extremely passionate about sports. She loves animals, hiking, rollerblading, yoga, hanging out with her friends, and especially writing for her personal blog,

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