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Inspiration Point Healing Oasis – May Workshops

During the month of May, Inspiration Point is offering a mind boggling array of energy healing workshops that center around inspiration, body, and life. Spring has sprung in Buffalo, and with spring comes rejuvenation and growth. It’s a time to mentally and physically mend and prosper. These workshops enable us to reconnect with our inner spirits, thus allowing us to look forward to life’s fruitful offerings.

  • May 6th starts Energy Awareness I Series (4weeks) 11AM-1PM
  • May 7th Healing I (Energy Awareness I & II prereq) 7PM
  • May 10th Your Spiritual Ascension with Rev Ellen Bourn and Rev Oceana Montalalou 6:30PM
  • May 11th Psychic Message Night with Rev. Ellen Bourn and Judy Anderson 7PM
  • May 17th Spiritual Astrology Club 7PM
  • May 20th Freedom Healing ~ Ignite Your Brightest Self with Rev. Claire Gay and Abby Spindelman 9:30am-2PM
  • May 22nd Empath Empowered w/ Oceana Montalalou 7PM
  • May 29th Meditation Class with James B. Lindsay 7PM
  • May 31st Spiritual Astrology Club 7PM
  • Tarot Class every Wednesday with Eva Danielle 7PM
  • Tarot Intensive 5 Week Class with Eva Danielle starts in June

Energy Awareness I

A four -week class

Sundays 11am-1pm

Starting May 6, 2018

This is the first in a series of classes* that teach

-how to detect and release others’ energy in your space

-while maintaining daily protection from outside forces.

Act from confidence and certainty knowing you are safe and guided.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Connect with your higher self
  • Develop your intuition
  • Speak your truth
  • Unplug from the matrix
  • Be in the now
  • Work with your guides
  • Release anxiety and doubt
  • Find your purpose
  • Free yourself from fear
  • Raise your vibration

This series is from the Berkeley Psychic institute curriculum and is followed by EA II, healing I & II, and a year-long psychic Development course. All or any part of the series is beneficial.

Instructor Lory Pollina, a graduate of the Berkeley curriculum, is a teacher, an intuitive, a spiritual councilor as well as a past-life regressionist.

Investment: $125

Your Spiritual Ascension

Rise to your Soul’s Highest Purpose.

Ascension Day is Thursday May 10th, 2018

Workshop at 6:30PM

Fee: $32.00

Join respected reverends Oceana Montalalou & Ellen Bourn as you learn how to free your Soul from the shackles of Karma that are weighing you down to the Earth Plane.

We will discuss how to realign your Inner Self and open further the Channels of Universal Wisdom. You will learn what obstacles you are here to overcome and how to create space for new growth along your Path.

In addition, we will be participating in Exercises of Transcendent Consciousness to dissolve Karmatic blockages.

This will offer you an opportunity to use the Healing Essence of Love to integrate your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies. You will experience a breakthrough in your understanding of your Journey and learn to manage your next steps without stress.

You will leave with a fresh perspective and deeper insights into your incarnation.

Psychic Message Night with Rev Ellen Bourn and Judy Anderson

Friday, May 11th 7PM


Join Psychic Mediums, as they open doors to Spirit to receive messages of the highest and best for you. The evening begins with a grounding meditation. Space is limited, all persons in attendance will receive a personal message and be entered to win a private reading or a gift from the store. Must pre-register.

Astrology Club

Now meeting two Thursdays per month

Thursdays, May 17th, and May 31st, 2018

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Topics: Transits and Aspects–What’s coming up next in your life?

Fee: Sliding Scale $11-$22

Freedom Healing Retreat ~ Ignite Your Brightest Self

With Claire Gay and Abby Spindelman

Sunday, May 20th


At Evolation Yoga Studio ~ 476 Rhode Island Street, Buffalo, NY 14213

Spring & Summer is about emerging into the world after a winter full of internal reflection & growth.

A time where energy is high, new ideas and experiences abound, and nature is in full abundance.

Freedom Healing offers a space to lay to rest anything left over from winter & cultivate a fertile future rich with prosperity, connection & growth.

This is for you if:

~You desire a container & ceremony for closure

~You crave a fresh perspective on how to get traction with new ideas

~You are curious about expanding your energy & connection around abundance and creativity

~You feel a need for extra support around physical movement, emotional clarity & spiritual exploration

This is NOT for you if:

~You have no interest in tapping into the healing powers & natural cycles of nature

~You are not open to change or learning new concepts/perspectives

~You are looking for “quick fix” one-time-deal magic/healing and aren’t willing to look at the impact of your current patterns & habits

Enter into a vortex of healing. Attune to your next level of being.

What the day includes:

~Opening ceremony with guided meditation


~Educational discussion around Lakshmi, Summer Solstice & Cyclical Rhythms

~Eye Gazing

~Gentle Yoga with Reiki

~Light * mind, soul, body * Refreshments

Who are we?

Abby Spindelman

Yoga & Meditation Teacher; Founder & Intimacy Advisor Intimacy Alive

Abby brings over 5 years of coaching experience and 3 years of yoga teaching. She holds space for deep, transformative self-healing and believes in the true strength of the individual to find the right path.

Claire Gay

Owner Inspiration Point, Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Poet, Visionary.

Claire recognizes healing is as natural as it is necessary. Our highest and best become known to us as we enter into eternal presence.

Sunday, May 20th 2018 9:30am-2PM

Investment: $145

Meditation Class with James B. Lindsay

Tuesday, May 29th 7PM $20

Come. Sit. And relax. This gentle ride pushes you off with a gentle stride.. For beginners and experienced meditators come to this sacred space and travel into multidimensional realities. Get ideas for your own meditation so you can formulate a plan to develop your own inner bliss(s). Discover the beauty of your own soul here and now… and hovering within the heavens shining idea(s). Pick up on that everlasting peace that is inherent to every being and explore its realities in your life.

“I, James Lindsay have been meditating for over 20 years and traveling out of body. I discovered meditation as a consequence of learning how to astral project. I was looking for ways to relax my physical body so laying down and doing meditation opened up my reality into a greater multiverse of universal love and deep inner cosmic signatures. We all are On the path toward enlightenment into a new age of light.”

Book Healing and Reading Sessions 

Call 716-883-8670

Lory Pollina offers Psychic Healing and Readings Mondays & Saturdays noon-2PM

Tarot Readings with Eva Danielle Wednesday thru Friday 12-7PM and/or by appointment start at $25/ $65 for full / $95 in depth

Rev. Ellen Bourn is offering Homeopathy, Astrology, and Psychic Readings on Tuesdays 3:30-6:30PM $45 special price

Claire Gay and A. Dreamer Solutions offer Reiki Healing Services, by appointment, Monday thru Saturday 9am-noon $65 session

Intuitive Mana Card Readings with Michelle Mueller every other Saturday 2:30-5PM 10 min $20 / 15 min $30 / 1/2 hour $45 / 1 hour $75

Inspiration Point Buffalo | 483 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14222 | Facebook

Sign up for workshops here.

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