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Balanced Body, a premier meal prep program getting you closer to healthy body healthy mind

It’s an exciting time for healthy living enthusiasts in Buffalo!

Balanced Body, a premier meal prep store, opened their second location today at 1391 Hertel Avenue. Choose from a variety of delicious and healthy meals in-store or online, and schedule them for delivery or pick them up. A few simple steps will get you started. The menu includes full meals, soups, snacks, and desserts, vegan options are available as well. After, you select the meal, quantity and portion size, Balanced Body will provide a macronutrient breakdown for each meal along with a full ingredient list. You’ll also have the ability to customize the plan from a rotating menu for the week. Talk about convenience!

I ran into Balance Body owner, Ashley Draper, at a few healthy events where I was able to sample some of their delicious food. In addition to launching Balanced Body, Ashley also co-owns the gym, Jada Blitz, with her husband in Amherst N.Y. As a former juice bar owner and entrepreneur, I was eager to understand what inspired her to start a meal prep company like Balanced Body.

Ashley explained, “being in the fitness industry we (husband and I) saw the need to take our services another step further. Time-and-time again we saw the need with clients and the #1 reason someone was unable to reach their goals or see the progress they were hoping for was because they did not understand nutrition or did not have time to prepare their own food. With Balanced Body we stand behind our philosophy that all macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein) are important and there is an appropriate balance of these nutrients that should be in one’s diet based on their goals. By offering nutritional coaching and quick convenient meal options we can fulfill our mission to help more people in their health and wellness journey.”

Summers approaching, and with that Buffalonians shed layers of clothes. But the pounds, well that’s a little more difficult. We all want to look and feel our best…right? Right!!! Well, with the nice weather poking and teasing us here in Buffalo you probably realized it’s time to close in on those body goals. I’m not going to lie…I do and I wasn’t alone at the gym on May 9th when the weather reached 82 degrees.

It’s great to have motivations, and although we can all agree movement is important, research shows very little gains will be made (and maintained) without the proper nutrition. Here are just a few reasons to invest in meal prep:

1. It saves time – If you spend 3 hours on any one day or 30 minutes daily preparing dinner. You get that time back to spend being more productive.

2. Monitors portion control – The key to weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight is portion control. Every meal will help you get closer to your goal

3. Less Stress – Most people freak out or give up on meal prep because of time and not understanding nutrients. If you let someone who knows what they’re doing take care of the logistics all you have to do is eat.

I know at some point you’ve thought, “I don’t have the time to meal prep, hit the gym, go to work, kiss the family… then do it again tomorrow.” We all feel that way. Which is exactly why meal prep services are on the rise, and what better than using a locally sourced service that is focused on Buffalo’s health!

Balanced Body Foods
1391 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY
1 (716) 508-PLAN

Written by Living Well with DeChantell

Living Well with DeChantell

DeChantell “De” Lloyd is an energetic, yoga-loving, micro-farming, smoothie-drinkin’, vegan-fanatic. A serial entrepreneur, she's the founder of “Living Well with DeChantell”, Code Blu Juice Bar, Yogi In Da Trap, and the Living & Growing Garden. A self-proclaimed health enthusiast, De is trained in holistic and nutritional health. She loves sharing her insight with her followers to inspire a happy / healthy life and promote a thriving community. Born and raised on Buffalo’s Eastside, DeChantell conducts workshops and wellness retreats locally and internationally. Through her company, “Living Well,” She instructs at workshops, hosts events, and is a guest blog contributor.

The Living Well series on Buffalo Rising will highlight events, restaurants, community groups and initiatives, as well as new businesses and products that help WNY residents live healthier.

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