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Women’s Equal Pay Day – It’s Time to “Brew Some Major Change”

Who would have thought that we would still be living in an age when men get paid more than women? It’s astonishing to think that this is true, but time and time again, studies show that women get the short end of the stick when it comes to competing with male paychecks. It’s time that we do something about it, aside from grumbling to friends and family members.

On Tuesday, April 10, Sweet_ness Café 7 is participating in nationally recognized Equal Pay Day, to demonstrate the need for equal wages for women. On that day, Sweet_ness 7 will feature coffee sleeves and napkins with messages that “highlight the Gender Wage Gap and Policies that Help ‘Brew’ Women’s Equality with MomsRising and Main Street Alliance.”

Equal Pay Day represents how far into the year all women, on average, have to work to make what white men earned by the end of 2017. For women of color, Equal Pay Day comes even further into the year, as late as November.

According to the group MomsRising, “…at the end of the work day, in New York, that average woman is paid 89 cents for every dollar paid to a man. Adding insult to injury, moms average just 73 cents on the dollar. Black women, Native American women, and Latinas in New York make just 66, 61, and 56 cents respectively.”

The community is invited to join together with Sweet_ness 7 Café, MomsRising, Main Street Alliance, community leaders, businesses, and equal wage activists to “brew some major change”. Advocates are asking politicians to close the gender wage gap by passing equal pay legislation.

“It’s 2018, yet the gender wage gap persists, driving poverty and economic insecurity for women in Buffalo and across the nation,” said Sara Alcid, Buffalo-based Campaign Director at MomsRising. “Sexism, racism, and transphobia collide in the fact that the wage gap is much worse for women of color, moms, and LGBTQ folks. This Equal Pay Day, we’re calling on the New York State Legislature to pass New York’s Salary History Legislation (A.2040C/S.6737A) as well as other policies that help close the wage gap, like affordable childcare and paid sick days.”

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Newell Nussbaumer is 'queenseyes' - Eyes of the Queen City and Founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world's largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). Instigator behind Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina. Co-created Flurrious! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. Instigator behind Saturday Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest, and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of The Peddler retro and vintage market on Elmwood. Instigator behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws The Witches Ball at Statler City, the Hertel Alley Street Art Festival, and The Flutterby Festival.

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