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Start with Sleep – In Balance

Are you having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Are you looking forward to those afternoon naps? Maybe you’re feeling cloudy, and not able to concentrate? Do you feel unmotivated… all of the time?

If you’re looking for some way to get out of the funk, then Start with Sleep (on Hertel) is offering a new body, mind, and fitness series called In Balance, hosted by Root and Rise Ayurveda. The series is considered “…a new 6-week series focused on teaching you how to use sleep, nutrition, and movement to create a more balanced lifestyle.”

When it comes to feeling right as rain, it’s important to rest, eat, and exercise. But it’s also important to understand the basics of moderation. Too much of one thing can unbalance you, and keep you off your game. The In Balance series is comprised of 9 classes that involve yoga, meal preparation, diet, and nutrition. Once you have a better grasp of these wellness elements, you will be able to better understand your daily needs when it comes to balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

This program has been designed to help you explore and care for your specific health and wellness needs. This series is built around individualized sleep, diet and yoga programming with the intention to help people understand the root causes of their symptoms and to provide practical tools that they can use to bring balance into their lives. The type of yoga that each of us needs is different. The types of foods we should be eating to promote our health are different as well. Each of must also use different tools to achieve sleep health.” – Start with Sleep

Start with Sleep1211 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14216 | (716) 235-1505 | Facebook

In Balance

April 9, 2018 – May 24, 2018

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