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Second Annual Buffalo March for Science

Did you hear about the flat-earther who recently built a homemade rocket so that he could get high enough into the earth’s atmosphere to prove that the world is flat? Incredibly, the launch was successful, and the guy lived to tell the tale. As was expected, he was not able to prove that the earth is flat. Now, here’s a guy who has access to technology (he built his own rocket), while still believing in a ludicrous notion (see story). In this guy’s case, he’s attempting to use science to refute scientific findings. If this quandary has left you confused, then just think where we would be without modern day scientific advancements.

If it were not for science, we would be in a tough position. Just think about all of the scientific learnings that improve humanity. A world without scientifically based policy would be troubling, to say the least. But, there are still those out there who feel that there is no place for science in the modern world. That’s why, every year, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to participate in a March for Science. 

On Saturday, April 14, Science Demands Action will host the second annual Buffalo March for Science. The march will take place from 1pm to 4pm at Canalside.

  • Gather at Niagara Square at 12:30 pm
  • Begin March to Canalside via Court and Main St. around 1 pm
  • Rally and speakers at Canalside around 1:30 pm
  • Science Fair and Poster Session until 4 pm

Speakers at Canalside will include:

  • Avi Israel of Save the Michaels of the World
  • Jackie James-Creedon of Citizen Science Resource Center
  • Paul Spitale of Buffalo area Engineering Awareness for Minorities
  • An elementary school essay contest winner – how science helped their family or community
  • Middle school or high school winner – how their voice can benefit science

Second Annual Buffalo March for Science

Advancing science education, environmental justice, and healthcare for addiction

Saturday, April 14, 2018

1 PM – 4 PM

The Science Education Fair at Canalside will run until 4pm

Participating organizations with hands on family friendly activities include:

  • Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center
  • TheErie County Department of Health
  • Sierra Club Niagara
  • Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

Support this event by buying a shirt or totebag or donating directly on Science Demands Action – Buffalo March for Science

At least twenty-one additional environmental, healthcare, and education focused groups will be participating in the march

Volunteers will be judging a poster competition where student and professional researchers are challenged to communicate their science to the public

See Facebook event

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