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Made Violent Melts Faces at Mohawk Place

We’ve all had those Monday mornings when you wake up with stamps on your hand, neon concert bracelets on your wrist and a ringing in your ears. That’s the sign of a great weekend, and boy was this a great weekend for local music lovers. On Saturday night, Witty Tarbox released their debut EP at Nietzsche’s with great support from Mosswalk and Handsome Jack. Sunday night, Made Violent returned from a cross country road trip to blow the collective mind of the Mohawk Place crowd. Starting off with a cover of Quiet Riot’s “Come on Feel the Noize”, the band launched into a reprise of their hits and a mosh pit in the middle of the floor quickly formed. These guys’ style and garage-rock sensibilities make it easy for them to connect with their fans, who clearly like to party.

The stage was set earlier by Philly’s Cold Fronts, who came in and gave us a punk show like we haven’t seen here in awhile. Their sound was up tempo and raw but melodic, and they really surprised the crowd when the lead singer jumped off the stage, made his way through the crowd to the bar, and climbed up onto the bar to finish his song. There were some very surprised looking bartenders staring at the dude as he continued rocking while standing on the bar amidst slightly stunned patrons who quickly got their phones out to snap pics. He didn’t realize how long his mic chord was and when he went too far from the stage, the chord came undone and the vocals were out. However, the band didn’t stop playing and carried on until he was able to reconnect the chord, and they didn’t miss a beat. It was awesome.

Cold Fronts were followed by Buffalonians Ugly Sun who have a more psychedelic sound and are more measured in their tempo. Their sound is expansive and warm and they are polished from years of playing together and in other bands together. They are right up there at the top with some of the other Buffalo Bands who Rock. I’m talking about Aircraft, Bold Folly, Handsome Jack, Witty Tarbox, The Tins, Deadwolf, Max Muscato, and many others. We have a number of great musicians and great venues here that let the fans get up close and personal with the bands. This summer is lined up to be a great one from a live music perspective, with all of our local venues on board. Buffalo Iron Works, Thin Man Brewery, Art Park, Mohawk Place, Mr. Goodbar, Town Ballroom, Nietzsche’s, I mean, that is a slew of venues to go out and see some real talent that we have growing here.

Keep an eye out for reviews and listings to be published here soon. Buffalo is back on the map, and not just as the pothole capital of the world. This was probably the best off-season weekend in Buffalo Sports history. We won the NHL Draft Lottery, got our men at Quarterback and Linebacker in the NFL Draft, and have a kick-ass summer of music and festivals lined up. Get ready everyone. Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?

Let’s Go Buffalo!


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