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Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra pushes hard for the Legalization of Marijuana in NYS

Former two-term Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is stepping up his stance on calling for the legalization on marijuana in New York State. He is calling upon NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, to “do what’s right for the state”. Giambra is pushing hard for the legalization of the recreational drug, which he says would “produce a revenue stream of $500 million a year for New York.” His thought is that New York State is losing out on significant amounts of income that nine other states are now capitalizing upon. He feels that by taking pot out of the black market, and infusing it into the “mainstream”, New York State would then be able to more effectively fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure, “including the New York subway system.”

“It sounds like she is mostly for legalizing marijuana, based on her comments during a recent radio interview,” said Giambra, referring to McCray. “Although in that same interview she did suggest marijuana could be a gateway drug, contrary to what experts now say, including the DEA which has stopped listing cannabis as a gateway drug on its website.”

Giambra, a candidate for the Reform Party line for governor, listed a number of reasons why he felt that the legalization of marijuana was vital to the NYS economy. He also mentioned that NY voters are behind the initiative, and it’s time to ditch the studies and get down to business. In the process, he has called NY’s laws “archaic”, and even noted that the laws were “enacted by racists politicians to control minorities, laws that ruin the lives of millions, saddling them with arrest records that last a lifetime.”

“New Yorkers pay billions of dollars a year to jail offenders, with black and Hispanic communities the main targets,” said Giambra.  “We need to take those archaic laws off the books and let New York law enforcement concentrate on real criminals and take that black market marijuana money off the streets and put it to work for all New Yorkers.”

 “We’ve had enough studies, and nine states have already begun to see the benefits of legalizing adult use marijuana,” says Giambra.  “According to a Siena College poll released in February, 56 percent of New York voters surveyed support legalizing recreational marijuana.  The mayor and the first lady need to put their political support behind helping New York deal with its chronic budget problems without raising taxes and fees.  Legalizing marijuana will go a long way toward addressing those shortfalls.”

I’m fortunate enough to be elected governor of this great state, I will do all I can to legalize adult use marijuana and take this long, ugly stain off the books and help lead our state to a new and better future for all.”

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