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Perks Café is Ditching Plastic in 2018

Café are paving the way for others to do the same.

Perks Café is going green. They’re ditching their traditional plastic service ware, plastic straws, plastic take-out containers, and plastic bags and cups, and replacing them with green alternatives. The café intends on becoming a trendsetter in the café and restaurant space, simply by leading by example. The owners are encouraging others to do away with harmful plastics, while making the switch to products that are biodegradable and compostable. These types of earth-friendly products have been available for years. And finally we are starting to see business owners wake up and smell the coffee. There’s no reason to continue on with business as usual. As for the enviro-savvy customers, they will spend their green at the places that are promoting leading a greener lifestyle.

“Over the past year we’ve been able to integrate products that are both environmentally friendly, while serving our customers who prefer take-out” said Julie Leone Director of Operations and Marketing. Next to be addressed was the containers Perk’s uses for their carry out business. “The standard plastic containers can take almost a thousand years to break down, and we just do not have time to waste.”

We have had such great success and support, that Perks feels comfortable encouraging all food retail outlets to join them in the effort to provide environmentally friendly alternatives.

“Many marine animals mistake straws as a food source and once digested cause a serious health risk to both the repository system and digestive process,” says Emily Stanford Senior Store Manager and Director of Catering.

Best of all, the Perks team is not just doing away with the harmful straws, they are rethinking all aspects of the products that they dole out every day.

Perks is replacing plastic straws with Compostable Straws made from corn (PLA).

“Next up for replacement is the plastic carry out bags” said Leone. “We have been sourcing an environmental friendly recyclable bag and think we have found it.”

The Perks’ team says that the café is well on its way to delivering the eco-friendly bags, and will be using them starting springtime.

Making the decision to do the right thing when it comes to the planet might mean that there is slight increase to a business’s bottom line, but the end result is worth it. Think of the fish that ingest the plastic, and the people (you and me) who eat the fish. Plastic is so ever-present in our society that some are saying we have now entered the Plastic Age (similar to Stone Age or the Iron Age). Every business must make crucial decisions that will impact the earth moving forward, so that future generations are not left with a dead planet.

“Our customers support us in this initiative and we know we are doing the right thing,” added Leone.

Perks Café (including its catering arm) has targeted the end of 2018 to make the full transition away from disposable plastic dry good products.

I was a fan of Perks before today’s announcment. Now I’m going to make sure that they get even more of my business.

Perks Café | 448 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14222 | 716 856 0709

Perks Café | 777 Main Street | Buffalo, NY 14203 | 716 370 0037

*If his anti-plastic issue interested you, then consider checking out a guide titled Plastic Pollution: Single Use Plastic Impact on our OceansIt’s comprehensive, intensely detailing the facts and figures of plastic pollution, the impact on our oceans and marine life, and much more.

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