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Jetsetter includes Buffalo in list of Top 8 Most Underrated Cities

Jetsetter has named Buffalo as one of the Top 8 Most Underrated Cities. This honorable distinction is not the first time that the city has made such as distinguished list – Buffalo continues to surprise, especially due to the its ability to rebound. Everyone loved to pick on Buffalo for years, and to a certain extent, the city will have a hard time shedding the whole Super Bowl losing Rust Belt/snowbelt image. At the same time, everyone loves an incredible underdog story, and Buffalo is a city that no one imagined a some back anytime soon. But the Queen City on the Lake beat the odds, and came back fighting. The city continues to impress, with each new development announcement. The restaurant scene is exploding, breweries and distilleries continue to pop up around every corner, sleepy neighborhoods are reawakening, and even the weather doesn’t seem to be such an issue considering the far reaching impacts of global warming – a little snow never hurt anyone.

Some 70 years after the Great Depression delivered a mighty blow to this once wealthy industrial boomtown, Buffalo is finally on the upswing. Forward-thinking creatives are beginning to repurpose the gritty grain silos and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture that once defined the city landscape, while the arrival of younger residents seeking out Buffalo’s still-affordable housing options has reenergized the city’s social scene. You won’t go wrong at corner taverns like Arty’s Grill and Gene McCarthy’s, which keep the fun going until 4 a.m., or getting a taste of what Buffalo does best (yes, we’re talking wings!). Don’t miss the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, a bastion for 20th-century American art, or Hotel Henry, a stylish 88-room sleep built inside an abandoned 1870s asylum designed by lauded American architect Henry Hobson Richardson.” – Jetsetter

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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