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La Delicias Taqueria is a hit with the Tortas

When it comes to Mexican food, there are a lot of options these day. Fans of Mexican cuisine have it made in Buffalo.

Earlier today, my wife and paid a visit to La Delicias Taqueria, after hearing a lot of chatter about how good the food was on social media. It turned out that the positive reports were true. We found that La Delicias Taqueria was about as authentic as it gets for Buffalo’s Mexican fare standards – we especially liked the salsa bar that was loaded with a number of Mexican add-ons that greatly contributed to the overall experience.

La Delicias Taqueria is one of the larger Mexican eateries in Buffalo. The place has a giant bar on the ground level, and a considerable sized upper level to boot. It’s a bit of an odd arrangement, which is why I like it. Upon walking in, I was temped to sit at the bar on the lower level, but my wife grabbed me by the arm and guided me up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a little order stand, which was similar to something that one might find at a street corner in Mexico. It stood in the middle of the main dining area, to the left, by the entranceway of the kitchen. A couple of young girls stood behind the stand, as if they were unsure about what we were doing there. We were also a bit unsure about what was going on, so we took a step back from the register and perused the signage overhead.

The menu items were written out in a manner that one would expect to find in an authentic cantina, at a beach in Mexico. To us, that was a good sign, because we felt that there was something immediately authentic about the hand-scratched list of options. We passed over the drink menu, but were happy to see that they had pitchers of margaritas, and a selection of Mexican beers. We then noticed that we had miraculously stumbled in on Taco Tuesday, which meant that the tacos were priced at $1.99. Score!

My wife ended up ordering a medley of three tacos – one beef and two chicken, all with cheese (sour cream on the side). I opted for a beef taco with cheese and sour cream, and a carnita torta (comes with lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalapeños, and onions). For those unfamiliar, a torta is basically a sandwich made with all of the ingredients of a taco, served on a crusty white roll. 

When our orders came out from the kitchen, we were immediately pleased by the presentation. My wife’s three tacos were under-dressed, which is exactly what she was hoping for. She immediately b-lined for the pico de gallo (salsa) bar and began drizzling salsa and hot sauce over her tacos.

I also took my basket up to the station, and found a mild salsa, cilantro, thinly sliced radishes, diced tomatoes, and guacamole (all for my beef taco). Judging by the appearance of the torta, I didn’t think that it needed anything, and I was right.

We soon sat down to eat, at a table very close to the salsa station (just in case). My wife couldn’t say enough about the meat, which she said was nicely seasoned and flavorful. I enjoyed my taco greatly, just not as much as she did – the double layer of corn taco shell was a little much – I guess I’m more accustomed to the Americanized flour version. On the other hand, my torta was out of this world. It was like eating one of the greatest steak sandwiches of all time. The torta came with mayo, which is a traditional ingredient. That’s why, when they ask you if you want “mayo” with your torta, say “YES!”

I later found out that there is another size up when ordering a torta, which is what I’m going to do the next time that I go. We each found something that we loved today at La Delicias Taqueria. I’m smitten with the torta, and she’s all about the tacos.

If you haven’t heard about La Delicias Taqueria, it might be because after it originally opened about a year ago, there was a fire inside the restaurant and they shuttered their doors. Eight months later, they have reopened on Pearl Street, a few doors from Chippewa. The space almost appears too big for the simple likes of this traditional Mexican street fare concept, but once word gets out about the tortas, the salsa bar, and the fair prices, I’m sure that they will be able to fill some seats.

In the meantime, Mexican fare continues to shine warmly down upon Buffalo. There was a time when Mexican restaurants were few and far between. These days there are a lot of options, and each one excels at various aspects of the country’s steeped and varied cooking traditions. Now La Delicias Taqueria has made its own mark on the city, much to the happiness of taco and torta lovers that abound.

La Delicias Taqueria | 454 Pearl Street | Buffalo, New York 14202 | (716) 936-6969 | Facebook

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