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Class with renowned beekeeper Bob Brachmann @ Paradise Wine

Paradise Wines is preparing to host an inspirational guest, Bob Brachmann, who is a renowned beekeeper and bee breeder, specializing in Russian bees. Wine shop co-owner Paula Paradise came across one of Brachmann’s honeys, Country Honey, and says that she has been hooked ever since first trying it. “It occurred to me on about my ninety-ninth jar of Bob Brachmann’s raw honey, that I had to find a way to bring this astonishing story of bee and man and nature to Paradise Wine,” wrote Paradise in an e-blast.

It took some finagling to contact Brachmann, but eventually the two were introduced, and plans were made for the beekeeper to visit Buffalo, who will be hosting a class at Paradise Wine on January 24 at 7pm. Aside from learning all about the lives of bees, their importance to agriculture, and their current plight, attendees will also be invited to sample a locally made spirit, made with the raw honey. “Of course, we will have to include some nectar from the vine to sip on during the class as well as a Honey Spirit made from Bob’s honey by Ellicottville Distillery, and a taste of the delicious raw honey from Country Honey,” wrote Paradise.

Anyone looking to attend the class, can RSVP by email, to

Paradise Wine435 Rhode Island Street | Buffalo, NY 14213

In Bob’s own words,

“As a chemical-free, permaculturally-based beekeeper I am extremely careful about what I put into the hive. But being a steward of bees means knowing the limits of my control over the world. That’s why I need all of you to help me and my bees.

A bee can travel as far 5 miles from her hive. That’s 50,000 acres of land that she can cover – far more than I personally can protect for them. Any harmful substance that she contacts she will bring home to her hive where the queen is laying eggs, the next generations are being nurtured and they are creating their magnificent honey. What they bring back will have consequences for all those activities.

I received my first package of bees in 2005, so when the Colony Collapse Disorder news hit in 2007, I started getting questions about bees, most of which boiled down to: “What is the thing causing bees to die?”

I’m not sure what it is about humans, or Americans at least, that makes us crave simple answers. But, I don’t believe that thinking is helping us and I am not here today to tell you one or a few simple tricks to saving the bees. Instead I want to tell you a story about bees, humans, how we got here and how we might walk a better path for all of us.”

–excerpt from “Speaking for the Bees” a talk Bob delivered at the March against Monsanto Rally in Concord New Hampshire May 20, 2017. This was also the day after the news broke that NH lost the majority of it’s honey bee hives over the previous winter.

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