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Buffalo Rehabs – 2017 | Part 3

At the end of 1988, my life changed dramatically. One of the benefits of that change was that I started to pay attention to Buffalo again. During the 21 previous years that I spent in Boston, I visited sporadically. My parents lived in Florida in the winter, so I spent Christmas with them and I often skipped several summers of possible Buffalo visits, preferring to go to other places for a vacation.

When I started coming back to Buffalo on a regular basis in the summers of the 1990’s, the city didn’t look good. It looked beaten up. I grew up on Linwood and was very familiar with what is now the Elmwood Village but, in particular, Ashland, Norwood and Richmond and the streets that crossed them below Elmwood looked shabby and depressing. On every block and on every side of the street, there were 5 or 6 houses for sale. Many of these houses looked ramshackle, needing painting and removal of ugly asphalt shingles. Many had sagging porches that were propped up by 2x4s. And there was Zero rehab activity. I found this situation alarming as did those who I spoke with about it. No one seemed to know what to do about it at the time. It took a tax revaluation and community activities like the Garden Walk to bring back these streets. Today, most of the houses on these streets shine, and that shining has spread to many other streets in the city. By the way, the Garden Walk has inspired a lot of rehabs on the West Side and Allentown.

I started writing about rehabs for Buffalo Rising about 12 years ago. I wrote about houses that I took pictures of in numerous summers. I also worked with organizations like Heart of the City and Homefront to publish articles with pictures they supplied of houses that their organizations rehabbed. Until I moved back to Buffalo in November of 2014 (when I retired), my articles were few and summer based. My articles are more frequent these days. I now have the time to pursue rehabs all over the city which is how and why I started the Facebook page, Buffalo Rehab and Reuse with the purpose of informing and stimulating conversation. As I mentioned previously, I also have a number of contacts that tell me about current or near-future rehabs and I also utilize the agendas of Buffalo’s Planning and Preservation Boards and the Zoning Board of Appeals as sources. Sometimes I just drive through a neighborhood looking at the houses for rehab activity as I travel its streets.

When part 4 is published this coming Friday, I will have provided pictures of over 100 rehabs that were ongoing in Buffalo in 2017. I have no reason not to believe that 2018 will bring just as many rehabs for a reader’s review at this time next year.

Photos in this segment were contributed by Anthony James, Jesse Rosenhahn, Johanna C. Dominguez, Frits Abell, Katy Stuck, Marc Pasquale, the Matt Urban Center, Chrissy Lincoln, Sandy Hertel, Darrell Benjamin, Keith Szczygiel, Buffalo Rising, and myself.

The Mentholatum Rehab On Niagara St
The Eleanor Apartments Rehab on West Ferry St Buffalo Rising
St Paul’s Cathedral Parish House Mixed Use Rehab – Anthony James
Silos at Elk St Mixed Use Rehab In The Valley Neighborhood
Silo City Office Building Restaurant Conversion
Richmond Ave Gut Rhab Across From 17th St
Prospect and Virginia Residential Rehab and Rebirth
Prospect and Hudson Corner Rehab
Hotel Henry rehab
Former post office rehab on Main St across from Delta Sonic
Hook and Ladder Development Headquarters 2111 Seneca St South Buffalo
Hamlin Park Rehab – photo
Jesse Rosenhahn
Coatsworth Mansion Internal Residential Rehab – Photo by Johanna C Dominguez
Barrel Factory Mixed Use Rehab Old First Ward – photo by Frits Abell
Alexandre Lofts Mixed Use Rehab – photo by Katy Stuck
2114 Seneca St South Buffalo Hook and Ladder Development – Photo by Marc Pasquale
1050 Niagara St Mixed Use Rehab
928 Fillmore Ave Rehab Matt Urban Center
871 Seneca St Larkinville Live Work Rehab
867 Seneca Larkinville On Going Work Live Rehab
846 Prospect Rehab Including Carriage House And Addition
760 Seneca St Larkinville Fully Occupied Office Rehab
700 Block Of Fillmore Ave Rehab – photo by Chrissy Lincoln
551 Franklin St Exterior Renovations – Photo by Sandy Hertel
467 Virginia St Restoration
436 Franklin St Apartment Conversion Rehab
395 Elmwood Ave Rehab 2
380 Breckenridge St Rehab – photo by Darrell Benjamin
50 Broadway Mixed Use Conversion
46 Whitney Place Rehab – photo by Keith Szczygiel
5-7 Genesee St Mixed Use Rehab – Photo by Buffalo Rising

Written by Dr. Rehab

Dr. Rehab

John Straubinger has been an occasional Buffalo Rising contributor since 2007. Born and raised in the city, John lived and worked in Boston, MA in the Research field for over 47 years. Since the early 1990's, he started following what was happening in his home town with a developing interest. Liking more and more of what he was seeing in Buffalo for the last ten years, John decided to return to Buffalo permanently in the fall of 2014. John has an interesting facebook page called Buffalo rehab and Reuse, He occasionally contributes articles to BRO as Dr. Rehab.

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