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Buffalo Rehabs – 2017 – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series that explores the recent building and house rehabs in the city of Buffalo. This is a pictorial journey, with images taken throughout various neighborhoods.

I spend a lot of my free time documenting rehabs all over the city. In the process of doing that, I’ve befriended a number of DIY rehabbers, small business contractors, real estate agents, preservation activists, and a few people who I’d call my liaison connections to what the big contractors are up to.

I don’t know anyone personally at Ellicott Development, Uniland, Sinatra, etc. However, I do know how to get information and I report it without opinion. That annoys some people, but as a preservationist, I’m interested in being a positive force in a city bathed in cynicism. Every rehab is a preservation save. All the pictures that I’m providing are available with many others on the Facebook page Buffalo Rehab and Reuse. I started the group 2 years ago on January 3, 2016. It now has 2643 members. Some of the pictures that follow were taken by me. Others were taken by Frits Abell, Johanna C. Dominguez, Patra Mangus, Anthony James, and Buffalo Rising Staff for Part 2 of this story.

The pictures are of completed rehabs and rehabs in progress. The photos were taken the latter half of 2017. Part 1 of the series appeared last week on Buffalo Rising – there will be at least one more post to come, possibly two. The lead image is the restored Cazenovia Park Shelter House – photo taken by Anthony James.

Susan Cholewa’s Amherst Street Gas Station
31 Barker St. – Residential
34 Elmwood Ave. – Exterior rehab
43 Essex rehab
48 10th St. exterior rehab
68 Penhurst Park – gut rehab
69 Symphony Circle – restoration
108 York St. corner of 14th St.
149 16th St.
158 Dodge St. – HCP rehab
192 Seneca St. – mixed us rehab (former Seneca Plumbing)
242 Bryant – front porch replacement and facade improvement – photo taken in 2018
246 Bryant – front porch replacement and facade improvement – photo taken in 2018
321 Lafayette Ave.
373 Parkdale
1030 Elmwood Ave – rehab
1225 Niagara St. – rehab
Bungtla Asian Market – former Grant St. Garage
Broadway and Hickory – mixed use rehab
Campus North School – residential conversion on Minnesota Ave.
Carriage House rehab behind 368 Linwood
Community Beer Works 7th St. rehab
Corner of Verplanck and Woodlawn rehab
Fillmore Ave. mixed use exterior restoration | Photo by Patra Mangus
Fillmore Ave rehab between Broadway and Sycamore | Photo: Patra Mangus
Fillmore Ave restored fire ravaged home | Photo by Patra Mangus
Frits Abell’s “Flatiron” rehab @ Five Points
Mariner St. rehab | Photo by Johanna C. Dominguez
Rocco Termini’s 155 Chandler St. | Photo by Frits Abell
The A & P Lofts – rehab in Larkinville
The Gateway Apartments at 885 Niagara St.

Written by Dr. Rehab

Dr. Rehab

John Straubinger has been an occasional Buffalo Rising contributor since 2007. Born and raised in the city, John lived and worked in Boston, MA in the Research field for over 47 years. Since the early 1990's, he started following what was happening in his home town with a developing interest. Liking more and more of what he was seeing in Buffalo for the last ten years, John decided to return to Buffalo permanently in the fall of 2014. John has an interesting facebook page called Buffalo rehab and Reuse, He occasionally contributes articles to BRO as Dr. Rehab.

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