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Buffalo Rehabs – 2017 | Part 1

I spend a lot of my free time documenting rehabs all over the city. In the process of doing that, I’ve befriended a number of DIY rehabbers, small business contractors, real estate agents, preservation activists, and a few people who I’d call my liaison connections to what the big contractors are up to.

I don’t know anyone personally at Ellicott Development, Uniland, Sinatra, etc. However, I do know how to get information and I report it without opinion. That annoys some people, but as a preservationist, I’m interested in being a positive force in a city bathed in cynicism.

Every rehab is a preservation save. All the pictures that I’m providing are available, with many others, on the Facebook page Buffalo Rehab and Reuse. I started the group two years ago on January 3, 2016. It now has 2643 members. Some of the pictures that follow were taken by me. Others were taken by Chrissy Lincoln, Paul McDonnell, and Buffalo Rising contributors, for Part 1 of this story.

The pictures are mostly of completed rehabs. Some are houses and some are buildings. Some of those that aren’t finished are important to neighborhood groups, or other interest groups, and that’s why they are included.

I’m adding a link to an article I wrote in November about rehabs in the Oxford Triangle. I think that’s a very important development in Buffalo. Part 2 will appear next week, with Part 3 afterwards. There’s a lot to show, and I don’t want anyone to have information overload.

The lead image is the Hi-Temp building in The Cobblestone District, with the paint removed

13 St. John’s Place
40 St. John’s Place
177 West Ferry
329 Hampshire Street
355 Auburn Ave
470 W. Delavan
Farmer Pirates HQ – Michigan and Riley
Visible exterior work on AM&A’s hotel conversion
Lafayette High School doors – Paul McDonnell
The Mattress Factory – Florida Street (photo – Judy Frizlen)
485 Linwood Ave
Before and after Shea’s Seneca theater – ceiling restoration (Chrissy Lincoln)
George Barton House rehab
Johnson Park rehab
Our Lady of Lourdes rehab
Parkside Candy – Photo by Suzanne Fitzery-Jaszcz

Written by Dr. Rehab

Dr. Rehab

John Straubinger has been an occasional Buffalo Rising contributor since 2007. Born and raised in the city, John lived and worked in Boston, MA in the Research field for over 47 years. Since the early 1990's, he started following what was happening in his home town with a developing interest. Liking more and more of what he was seeing in Buffalo for the last ten years, John decided to return to Buffalo permanently in the fall of 2014. John has an interesting facebook page called Buffalo rehab and Reuse, He occasionally contributes articles to BRO as Dr. Rehab.

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