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Bills Playoff Karmic Exorcism

Being a sports fan in Buffalo can be tough. Even when a team like the Bills makes it into the playoffs after a major drought, fans are skeptical about what’s to follow. Over the years, many Bills’ fans have become superstitious – from wearing specific articles of clothing, to watching games at certain bars.

Later today, starting at 6pm, The Public is teaming up with Community Beer Works (CBW) to conduct a ceremony that will help the Bills with their upcoming playoff performance. In order to do that, they have enlisted the services of an actual minister who will perform “a karmic exorcism on the ghosts of the drought.” Organizers are asking that disenchanted Bills’ fans bring their old, worthless football belongings to the brewery, to do away with them.

We’d like to help you shed the jerseys, memorabilia, tchotchkes, and other clutter you’ve accumulated during 17 years of wasted hope and goodwill. We’ll use these jerseys and assorted stuff to perform our exorcism. So, bring your non-throwback jerseys of the drought like Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, Mike Williams, Terrell Owens, (or whatever else you’ve been holding on to for 17 years) to CBW and shed this weight from your soul. We’re not exactly sure what we’ll do with it all, but it won’t haunt your dreams anymore.” – The Public and CBW

Along with the exorcism, CBW will be selling pints of Frank APA for the 1999 throwback price of $3. Also, the brewery will be donating $100 to Friends of the Night People, as well as $1 from every pint sold this evening.

Bills Playoff Karmic Exorcism

Friday, January 5, 2018

6 PM – 8 PM

Community Beer Works | 15 Lafayette Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14213

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