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Banning Microbeads is Just the Start

One would think, that in this day and age, corporations would intrinsically do the right thing when it comes to taking care of the planet, without being pressured by lawmakers. After all, a corporate bigwig has the wellbeing of his or her family to think about, as do investors.

Can you imagine working at a personal care product company, knowing that the plastic microbeads in the skin creams were doing great harm to our lakes and oceans? Wouldn’t you think that the environment would come first? After all, we all live on this planet, and it is clear that microbeads have been a big problem for years. The fact that we have been talking about the detrimental implications of microbeads for so long, yet 2018 is the first year that they will be banned, is a disgrace. Corporations should have been proactive from the start, instead of waiting to be pressured. When it comes to safeguarding the planet, there needs to be broad sweeping measures to hold big business accountable when they don’t put the environment first.

The following is from Nate Drag, Alliance for the Great Lakes

This year, the federal ban on plastic microbeads in personal care products will finally go into effect. Less plastic pollution flowing into the lakes is a big victory!

But, the job isn’t done. Plastic pollution is still a big problem in the Great Lakes, and around the world. Tiny plastic pieces have been found in everything from drinking water to beer. Yuck! Join us in our New Year’s resolution of keeping plastic out of the Great Lakes. Sign the Plastic-Free Great Lakes Pledge today!

Your voice makes a difference. Advocates like you joined us to pressure manufacturers and elected officials to remove plastic microbeads and replace them with common-sense natural alternatives. And, they listened!

Big companies have pledged to voluntarily remove plastic microbeads from products. And, elected officials and government agencies have taken action too. By mid-2018, plastic microbeads in personal care products will be outlawed around the Great Lakes, in both the U.S. and Canada. Great job, everyone!

Unfortunately, the job isn’t done. We know plastic pollution is still a huge problem in the Great Lakes. More than 80% of the litter picked up each year by Adopt-a-Beach volunteers is made of plasticfrom cigarette butts to plastic bottles. And tiny plastic pieces have been found in high amounts in all five Great Lakes. But, we also know that when you speak up, it makes a difference.

Let’s keep up the momentum—start by signing the Plastic-Free Great Lakes Pledge.

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