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Amazon Go. The Future of Supermarket Shopping has Arrived.

Amazon has opened the doors of its latest real world venture to the public. Amazon Go is a checkout-free supermarket that intends on revolutionizing the way that people shop offline. According to, the market has launched in the first floor of Amazon’s Seattle headquarters building. 

The way that the tech savvy supermarket works is nothing short of futuristic – shoppers simply walk in, scan their smartphones, pick up items off the shelves, and then walk out. Amazon tracks everything with AI-powered cameras and weight sensors. A customer can even pick up an item, examine it, and then put it back, before continuing to pick up another item and placing it in a shopping bag. Only the latter item is tracked for purchase, which automatically gets charged to the shopper’s Amazon virtual account. 

Amazon Go follows in the footsteps of the company’s purchase of Whole Foods and its 470 stores… so we can probably see where all of this is going. The company has not mentioned plans for the Just Walk Out Technology to be incorporated into its Whole Foods locations, but it’s most likely only a matter of time before we see this AI-driven advancement rolled out throughout the country. After all, they didn’t just spend years developing this technology with one supermarket in mind. 

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