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Tis The Season to Go with “The Flo”

2017 Gift Guide

Buffalo is home to the only full sensory deprivation float center in Western New York,The Flo.” This therapeutic floatation center offers users a unique experience that’s creating a buzz around the world as a “spiritual awakening” with self. Floating is said to be the new age way to get some peace and quiet, as well as a weightless release. With the new year fast approaching, here’s a great wellness gift to calm the mind and body, especially after the rush of the holiday season.

For our readers, we checked into an experience at The Flo and researched how it could help with stress, pain, and muscle relief. Touted everywhere as a stress reliever, I wanted to know what about this experience helped with the process of relaxation. We found consistently, it was the ability to effortlessly lay down and be without the phone, television, or computer. Lying on the surface of water felt like true freedom. There’s also some additional benefits that occur with multiple treatments and continuous care like improved sleep, fast muscle recovery, and increased creativity.  If you’re curious in trying the experience yourself or gifting to a colleague or loved one, here are some things that might help you go with The Flo, and learn more about self care:

What exactly is Flotation Therapy?

Floatation is very similar to mediation because it helps achieve a deep relaxation — as a sensory deprivation therapy, in an environment where you can achieve pure sensory relaxation with no external distraction, light, and/or sound, you will spend an hour or more lying quietly in darkness,  suspended in a warm water solution.

How do I experience The Flo?

It’s recommended, as a first time user, that you book a 90 minute session. During this time you will be placed in one of two rooms housing the floatation tank. You’re advised to remove all clothing, in order to ease into the relaxation process. You are allowed to wear a bathing suit if you prefer, but keep in mind that this is a skin to water experience. Once inside, the tank is filled with 14 inches of dissolved Epsom salt water, at 95 degrees to match your body temperature. The epsom salt is there to help you float, and is said to provide magnesium to the body. If you’re concerned with being claustrophobic in a space with no light and sound, be advised that the tank is not small.  You will float in a space about the size of a standard bathroom. People who’ve experienced the tank said it was no big deal and felt relaxed afterwards.

How do you prepare for the float tank?

There’s a few do’s and don’t’s:
1. Don’t drink caffeine or energy drinks. I would imagine that increases the anxiety or stress.
2. Don’t shave 5 hours prior to your session. Due to the epsom salt in the water it can irritate.
3. Do come prepared to relax and be with your whole self to get the full experience. (If you know someone who would enjoy time alone pass this along.)

The Flo is located at 228 Allen Street in Buffalo N.Y. and is proud to have a diverse range of clients from young to elderly, including in utero (second and third trimester) proving this therapy to be more than a trend for athletes and beyond.

In addition to the float tanks, they also offer several supplements from ONIT, organic sustainably grown essential oils, as well as CBD (CannabidiolOil, Bootleg Bucha Kombucha, glass diffusers, detox powder baths, color therapy glasses, and other locally made products to keep your body, mind and spirit running on all cylinders.

The price typically ranges from $55 for 60 minutes to $70 for 90 minutes. However, if you buy now through December 31st, you can purchase two 90 Minute Floats for $100.00 and four 90 Minute Floats for $150.00. So, head down to the Flo to start the new year off with a more mindful you, or give the gift of rest, relaxation, and meditation this holiday season.

The Flo
228 Allen Street  | Buffalo, NY | Facebook
t: 716.770.1000

Open: Monday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.; Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Written by DeChantell Lloyd

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