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Construction Watch: Nineteen North

A rare residential new-build project is underway. First Amherst Development’s apartment project at 23 North Street, dubbed Nineteen North Apartments, has broken ground. The four-story building will contain 39 one and two-bedroom apartments along with 40 ground-floor parking spaces. The property is at the edge of the Allentown Historic Preservation District and just steps from the Medical Campus.

First Amherst Development purchased the property in 2006 and promptly announced plans for a residential project on the site. An 11,000 sq.ft. mansion on the  and an addition were to contain between 35 and 40 apartments. It was envisioned as a follow-up to First Amherst’s pioneering and successful Lofts @ Elk Terminal and the nearby Granite Works projects. The mansion was the long-time home of WEBR/WNED-AM. The mansion was demolished in 2014 however after a lightning strike took out a section of the structure’s side wall.

HHL Architects designed the new building.

Get Connected: First Amherst Development, 716.839.1400

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • UrbanLove

    Looks like Amherst alright.

    • Bills Future QB

      How’s that?

    • Mr. B

      “Looks like Amherst alright.”

      Not really

      – four stories (including at grade parking on the first level) instead of 1
      – built to the curb
      – parking within instead of a parking lot “sea” surrounding it


      • UrbanLove

        It is definitely good form. was referring to the design…which, to me, still looks rather suburban.

      • Johnny Pizza

        Stop with the facts, this is about the feels.

    • No_Illusions

      I mean parts of Williamsville are more urban than parts of Buffalo

  • OldFirstWard

    “The mansion was demolished in 2014 however after a lightning strike took out a section of the structure’s side wall.”

    Is this the Allentown building in which the lightning strike was questioned as a cover story for a demolition? I recall someone here posting weather data and neighbors who claimed the alleged lightning strike was embellished and could not have occurred. Or am I referring to a different building.

    • Chris Schmidt

      This is the one.

      • benfranklin

        Within the first few hours of a ‘fire/explosion/flood/tornado’… the first city responders with the power to offer a demolition will do so if the owner even whispers ‘I think it’s too dangerous to let it stand’. With a little planning, the building can have an accident on Friday, and be down by Monday (not actually completely down, but demoed enough to make it too far gone).

        Your average fire has a demo guy lurking at the perimeter, much like a tow truck at a car crash.

        • bufforward

          Wouldn’t the insurance companies do an independent investigation in such a situation too? City Hall is certainly not on top of things, so it would be nice to know that sometimes there is a 3rd party keeping an extra eye on things.

  • Bags

    Good infill from the street. Layouts of Middle units could’ve benefited greatly from the presence of a central courtyard.

  • Ron Reinhardt

    Sad that people are crammed into these tiny rat holes vs. the house that stood there before.

    • Captain Picard

      Hahahahahahahah. Merry f*cking Christmas!

    • bufforward

      Trollolol…Poor bastards. Some of these new build “rat holes” are bigger than my 3 bedroom house…

    • Let Buffalo Rise

      850 – 1600 Sq Ft apartments. are tiny? Don’t worry Ron, you wont be able to afford the rent for these. I can guarantee you these apartments are bigger than any that would have amounted form the previous house that stood there.

    • nuvaux

      4 units on the plan shown don’t even have a bedroom with a window. Pretty dismal, and if legal, it should not be.

    • nuvaux

      21st Century tenements. We are apparently regressing to an “every man for himself” society, so if people are stupid enough to settle for nearly windowless rat holes, they are on their own.