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Big Reveal: Redevelopment of 19 Doat Street

An East Side warehouse has a bright future. Regan Development is proposing to convert a four-story building at 19 Doat Street near Genesee Street into a 74-unit apartment building along with an 8,200 sq.ft. neighborhood clinic to be run by Jericho Road Community Health.

This would be Ardsley, New York-based Regan Development’s third Buffalo project. It is currently converting the Buffalo Milk Company Dairy building at 885 Niagara Street into 53 units of affordable housing. Regan previously rehabbed the Packard Building at 1325 Main Street into a similar affordable housing complex. HHL Architects prepared all three reuse plans.  Preservation Studios is working on the historic preservation tax credit components.

The Buffalo Planning Board will get its first look at the project at its Monday meeting.

Get Connected: Regan Development, 914.693.6613

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • benfranklin

    For those wanting to see something happen on the East Side (and less importantly, see it covered here)… this isn’t just a block or two east of the Medical Campus. Good for them. It’s a nice building.

  • NorthBuf

    This place is big (a block long) and a huge opportunity to save a beautiful old factory building. It will look 100x better than all the vinyl boxes that usually are build for low income residents. Congratulations to Regan Development for this future addition of affordable housing for Buffalo.

    • Yes, I always wonder why low income housing = vinyl boxes. There are places like these along the East Side, ripe for conversion, that don’t need high end finishes for suburban yuppies. Would we rather demolish them?

      • Johnny Pizza

        Its honestly very simple vinyl is cheap and durable. It has been the best choice for siding for quite some time.

        • I’m not debating the effectiveness and versatility of vinyl siding, I’ve lived in a house with it for almost two decades.

          • Johnny Pizza

            Considering it is also the cheapest option, I don’t know why they would use any other material.

      • eagercolin

        I’ve made this point here before, but I’ll make it again: is it really that hard to imagine that black folks want to live in newly built “vinyl boxes” with yards and garages? It’s much easier for people to use “suburban” as a pejorative when they weren’t effectively barred from the suburbs for decades.

        • As one myself…I would agree. But Buffalo still has zoning and design standards to abide by, and now has the Green Code in effect to double down on this. Not to mention the fact that you can still fit garages in lots like those of Hamlin Park, and in a city, parks are supposed to be the front yard.

          While the suburbs are somewhat expensive compared to the average city lot, they offer what you’re talking about, and redlining is pretty much gone (for black folks with the financial wherewithal to leave). I never grew up on a cramped lot, but rather on an acre or so of land.

  • Cvepo

    This is great! But 74 units seems like an awful lot

    • No_Illusions

      It is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that area was starved for brand new units.

      Your only option for housing in that area are places that likely have not been updated much since the 70s.

      • Cvepo

        Very true! I just hope they are able to get consistent occupancies. It would be a shame for this project and development to go to waste

  • bufforward

    Nice project. What’s the colorful section? Hard to tell with these Atari graphics..

    • Chris Schmidt

      The clinic

  • UrbanLove


  • Louis Tully

    History of the building?