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WNY Car Guy offers tips on Preparation for Proper Driving in Winter Conditions

You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful fall day. It’s sunny, and temperatures are approaching 41 degrees. Believe it or not, this is the perfect weather to be thinking about snow tires. The last thing that you need is to be dealing with the headache of figuring out tire replacement strategies once the snow begins to fly (and stick). Preparing for winter driving conditions is essential, and there are plenty of ways to be proactive, according to WNY Car Guy Austin Rexinger. 

In order to show you the ins and outs of proper winter driving preparation, Austin has produced a handy-dandy instructional advice video that covers:

  • The importance of properly preparing your Ford Focus ST (for example) for a winter in the NorthEast
  • How and why you should choose new tires
  • What to include in your winter emergency kit
  • Common mistakes that people make when the weather gets cold

Austin is here to ease your mind when it comes to winter driving. There are plenty of bad drivers on the road. Compound that with being ill-prepared for snow conditions, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The more precautions that you take, the better off you will be.

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Written by Austin Rexinger

Austin Rexinger

Austin Rexinger was born in Amherst, NY and is currently enrolled as a Journalism major at Canisius College. Austin is completely obsessed with cars, especially the tremendous innovation in today’s automotive market. Austin aspires to drive the latest and greatest supercars, but for now he is bouncing around the Buffalo area driving anything he can get his hands (and feet) on. Upon learning to drive a manual transmission in a 2012 Mini Cooper S, any doubt that Austin may have had regarding his passion for automobiles completely disappeared. He was absolutely hooked. If it has four wheels, a seat, and a steering wheel, you can count on Austin being interested.

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  • Will-Riker

    Or you can just take the bus and not worry about any of this.

    • Captain Picard

      Right. Why arrive at your destination in 15 minutes when you could arrive in 65 minutes?

    • grovercleveland

      Yea, its a real thrill to plan your life and career around a bus schedule.

    • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.

      If you’re standing at a bus stop, please know that all the folks zooming by in their fancy cars think you’re poor.

      • Jeff Brown

        Oh no. I need people in cars to not think I am poor. Otherwise, I won’t be as popular with the people in the cars. I had better get in my car. Thanks for the tip.

        • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.

          I think that’s right. You should want to be respected.

    • Johnny Pizza

      Or we can all travel by the means of our own choosing so long as they are legal.

  • breckenridge

    If your car has high-performance summer tires on it, snow tires or all-seasons are a must for the winter, and swap them on before snow is in the forecast. Don’t be the guy who can’t pull away from a stop sign or gets stuck pulling up a parking lot sidewalk cut in 1″ of snow. While those are inconveniences, when you get stuck on a major road during a storm, that can lead to everyone else behind you getting stranded.

  • OldFirstWard

    BTW, tires are far from affordable. A year ago I spent nearly $800 on a new set. Too bad many brands wear out with less than 30,000 miles on them. Many are just junk, period.

    • Tbuff90

      agreed, $800 is basically standard for any decent set, and for a really good set its up into the $1,200 range. Also if your gonna run winter wheels with your new tires that just adds more to the price.

  • Johnny Pizza

    I’m surprised Newell even let this be published for the sole reason that it’s about cars.