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The Sabres…Is There Anybody Out There

So, yeah, not much to report here. If you’ve been paying attention and still are, God Bless You. Jacob Josefson is back skating and looks to make his return to the lineup. Part of me wants to keep believing in “The Process” for the Sabres and the Bills but it’s getting really hard these days. Maybe the beginning of the year for the Bills was a mirage, maybe it was never meant to be. But that’s not who we are and what we want. We want to win and we want to win now. We are tired of the forever rebuild.

The Sabes take on the Minnesota Wild tonight and I honestly don’t even care. Is that bad? Does anyone? I mean, we’ve lost 5 or 6 in a row and played one good period in the last two weeks. This is the same old S*it as the last 4-5 years. We have a bunch of whiners who think it’s cool to play one period per night and take their paycheck home and go play Call of Duty. Guess what boys? It stinks and we aren’t having it anymore. We demand a hardworking, fast skating, grinding, hard checking, quick scoring rough and tumble hockey team, and guess what Jason Botterill? What you have here is a bunch of half-assed whiners who have no accountability and no desire or heart to win. They are just fine with giving 40% on a nightly basis and it’s not Phil Housely’s fault. I can’t believe people are calling for him to get fired, are you kidding me? Do you see how these guys lolly gag all over the ice? Do you see how Magic Jack is hanging his head? He’s been demoted to the third line for God’s sake. He is NOT having fun. We need to blow up this roster and get players in here to surround Jack with and get some scoring and some creativity and some toughness. This current roster is a JOKE!!! BLOW THE WHOLE THING UP BOTTERILL!!

Anyway, I will probably watch the game tonight but I doubt if I will be surprised at the outcome. We are going to probably give up a mid second period goal, tie it, and then give up a late one in the third and Brian Duff and Marty Biron are going to say that if we had given a 60 minute effort like we did in the third period, we’d have something. I’ve seen this show before and it sucks. The Sabres need to make changes to this roster and if it’s not going to happen until next year when we bring up our young guys from Rochester, then just tell us so we don’t keep holding out the hope that we are actually going to compete. It’s not fair to the fans to keep rolling out a bunch of losers like this and telling us you’re trying to win. We already lived through The Tank. We know what we are looking at and it’s garbage. Same with the Bills. Terry, stop putting lipstick on these pigs. We are not stupid. We want hard working, grinding winners, not these cissys that deign to call themselves hockey players. Get it together Pegula. It’s been 5 years, we need to start seeing some results.

Sabres vs. Wild, Tonight, 7 PM, MSG, WGR 550

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