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Remedy House Might Just Become Your Favorite New Hangout

Last week, Remedy House—Buffalo’s much-anticipated, highly Instagrammable, sunlight-soaked new coffee shop—began operation in the historic Five Points neighborhood (see background).

Open at 6 a.m. daily, Remedy House offers an impressive coffee and espresso program carefully designed by co-owners Andrew Trautman and Justin Smith. The program was largely informed by Trautman’s years of experience as a barista and running pop-up espresso bars around the city.

Among its many virtues are the quality of its ingredients. At present moment, Trautman and Smith source their beans from Propeller Coffee, a small-batch specialty roaster based in Toronto, and their cow’s milk from Tea Cup Farms in Barker, New York. The latter is a minimally processed, low-heat pasteurized product that—I can attest—makes for an especially rich and flavorful espresso drink. For the dairy averse, Remedy House also carries almond and walnut milk from Elmhurst 1925 in Elma, New York.

For a side of sustenance with their caffeine, guests can nibble on French-inspired pastries—including a sublime financier—by talented pastry chef Keyin Fulford, whose resume includes stints at bakeries like Bien Cuit in New York.

But Remedy House is more than a coffee shop. Modeled after the sidewalk cafés of Paris, it seems destined to function as a neighborhood focal point and all-day gathering place—somewhere one can steal precious moments of social connection or quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life.

That destiny is pretty much cemented in its charming design. Located at the intersection of Rhode Island and West Utica Streets, Remedy House is sited on the ground floor of a dramatic early 20th century building whose unconventional triangular architecture helps evoke that old world, escapist vibe. In warmer months, the café’s westward facing floor-to-ceiling windows will open completely to the street outside, and terrace seating will be available on both sides of the building, adding to both its appeal and the neighborhood’s growing vitality.

In time, Remedy House will also operate from a food and beverage perspective like a full-fledged Parisian café. That evolution will likely begin sometime this week (or as soon as Trautman and Smith have their liquor license in hand) with the introduction of alcohol service. In true French fashion, the duo will keep things simple but impeccably curated with a thoughtful selection of natural and small-producer wines, bottled and canned beer, amari, and a tight menu of simple, classic cocktails, including Remedy House’s signature tipple, the Negroni.

The food menu is also poised for expansion. In fairly short order, it will come to include salads and classic French sandwiches like jambon-beurre at lunch and charcuterie, cheese, warm olives, and other bar snacks in the evening hours.

As these developments unfold and word gets out, I suspect Remedy House will become a prime destination for cozy boozy brunches, lazy afternoon people watching, sunset aperitifs, and convivial after dinner drinks. I just hope there’s a seat left for me.

Remedy House | 429 Rhode Island | Buffalo, New York 14213 | (716) 250-7724 | Facebook

Written by Caitlin Hartney

Caitlin Hartney

Caitlin has covered local food and drink for Buffalo Rising since 2015, having previously written for Artvoice, the Public, and the Buffalo News. She works full time in marketing communications and is earning her master's degree in history at University at Buffalo, the latter of which occasionally informs her writing. Most importantly, she likes the word "moist" and doesn't care who knows it. How else do you describe a great piece of cake?

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  • ZEBRA9

    Why named “Remedy House”?

    • eagercolin

      Because that’s what the branding consultant said.

    • EZ Liv’in

      It’s better than 716 something or Public If don’t see an image of a buffalo anywhere even better.

    • UrbanLove

      Buffalo, the city of no illusions.

  • nick

    Beautiful addition to the Neighborhood!

  • Bludog


  • McNutt

    Would love it if they could add a TV and show some futbol matches on the weekend in the AM so that I don’t have to make the trek to Mes Que.

    • Captain Picard

      If they did that then it wouldn’t be nearly as “Instagrammable.”

    • UrbanLove

      Funny, because I couldn’t be happier that there is an establishment in Buffalo without a god #$%#ed TV!

    • This should be sarcasm. There are too many “upscale” restaurants in the city with TVs on the wall.

      They belong in bars.

  • eagercolin

    “Remedy House offers an impressive coffee and espresso program”

    Can we stop using “program,” please? It’s a menu.

  • BlackRockLifer

    Great to see another business in Five Points, I have a lot of respect for the pioneers that worked hard to build this area up. I can remember when this area was one of the roughest parts of the upper west side back in the late 70’s.
    That said I think calling it the “historic” Five Points neighborhood is a little over the top. Not saying its not an interesting older neighborhood but it seems the word historic is overused too often. In labeling any area as historic it diminishes the term and blurs the line between just old and truly historic.

    • J. Bflo

      Club Utica was across one of those points, that makes it historic!

      • BlackRockLifer

        I was there many times back in the day, still can picture that sign covered in some kind of mirrors or glitter

  • nuvaux

    It’s a pretentious, Whitey Atomic Bomb dropped on a poor, Hispanic, White-Trash (I’m White-Trash too, so F-You) neighborhood in a this one-horse town. I’ve delivered mail there for years, so I see clearly that an expensive coffee house will benefit only its owner, while excluding any benefit to the people who have lived nearby & now are only “placeholders” for today’s opportunists.