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Pants off dance off for Tristan Lambright

If it was not for streaker Tristan Lambright, the Buffalo Bills’ game would have been a total loss. But thankfully Tristan’s naked dash lifted the hearts and spirits of a city, at a time when we needed it most. Now Tristan is a hot commodity. His image is showing up near and far, all over social media (and traditional media), and even on t-shirts.

The stunt has been very well received, although the Bills’ organization was less than thrilled by the ordeal. Tristan is facing some legal expenses, and now it’s our turn to return the favor.

On Saturday, November 25, at 8 PM, The Gypsy Parlor is hosting a “Pants off dance off for Tristan Lambright” to raise funds for Buffalo’s favorite streaker. 

“Ok… so he streaked. Can you blame him? More yards ran than our own team that day, so let’s call it ambition. Wouldn’t you if you could? Live it up Buffalo! Go Bills! Let turn it all into something positive… so he needs legal money. And we can support his charity as well – a portion of proceeds will benefit Crisis Services, in honor of Sam Snyder-Daniels, Tristan’s Aunt who recently passed on. She was the inspiration behind the streaking episode. These causes are backed by Tristan’s family, who have had a whirlwind couple of years. It’s time to turn the laughter into love.” – The Gypsy Parlor

Pants off dance off for Tristan Lambright

Saturday, November 25, 2017


The Gypsy Parlor | 376 Grant Street | Buffalo, New York 14213

$5 cover | Drink specials | 50/50 Raffles | Autographed pics available

Donating of warm jackets to the Hope House. Also bring new socks, undies, sweatpants, and T-shirts for donation box. 

See Facebook event page

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • Mr. B

    “If it was not for streaker Tristan Lambright, the Buffalo Bills’ game
    would have been a total loss. But thankfully Tristan’s naked dash lifted
    the hearts and spirits of a city, at a time when we needed it most.”

    1. Any game with a final score of 47-10 IS a total loss
    2. Tristan Lambright and the Buffalo Bills did the exact same thing on the field: both displayed their “shortcomings”

    Tristan LameNotSoBright is not a hero; please refrain from further attempts to make him one.


    • Mike S.

      Soooomebody is jealous they’re less endowed. Try not to be a wet blanket your whole life.

      • Mr. B

        “Soooomebody is jealous they’re less endowed.”

        Somebody is projecting.


        • john colangelo

          When Boston televises the 4th of July Pops Concert, they reserve a section in front for good looking college students. That way when the cameras pan the crowd, tv viewers see the city of Boston as young and attractive.

          We show drunk fat guys and half filled stands….


          • Ivan Putski Jr

            would you prefer they lie?

          • Kevin Ryan


        • Ivan Putski Jr

          his balls are bigger than yours..face it

    • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.

      “Shortcomings”—-stolen from David Niven’s 1974 Oscar speech! Bam!

    • Jeff Brown

      Tristan LameNotSoBright

      Someone get the aloe–that was a sick burn.

  • Kevin Ryan

    Hero no….LEGEND…….YES!!!!!!

  • Kevin Ryan

    To Funny… This kid need to let off some steam…and now one was hurt..not even his pride…

  • OldFirstWard

    I love it. The REAL Bills fans needed some entertainment, and so did I. I loved the way he faked out the security guys. I wish Drew Brees would have thrown him a pass. That stunt takes a lot of guts, good show.

    • Mr. B

      “The REAL Bills fans needed some entertainment, and so did I.”

      If your idea of entertainment is watching a naked guy, there’s media you can rent for that . . .


      • OldFirstWard

        Actually they didn’t show it live on network tv, but the audacity this guy showed by running out on the field flapping his dick at the Bills is pure sports justice for three hours of misery they perpetrated on the fans, especially the fans who paid for a ticket for that thoroughly embarrassing performance at home in addition to ten days ago at the Jets. I can live with that behavior on this occasion.

  • Cheyenne Kimbrell

    Hey .. if you wana go on a date darlin get at me when you get out. Your just my type. Guy i been lookin for my whole life lol

  • Paul

    New location for the benefit: The Expo Market, 617 Main St.

  • Flyguy2pt0

    I see a pattern of our legal system looking for ways to creatively stack as many charges against a person as they can. Really put the screws to people. The unforgiving scarlet letter society that apparently supports the idea of ever expanding legal system, prisons, lawyers, blah blah blah and ever increasing tax bill and inevitably public assistance and charity because the private sector jumps in to continue to penalize people after they get through with their governmental legal burdens and punishes their employment and income, ability to rent, housing. Is the end goal that any “offenders” be relegated to living under a bridge? That speaks to an immoral legal system and society that supports continued demonization and is unforgiving.

    This is essentially one act and yet there are at least 3 charges against him. One of them has something to do with “lewd”. That is outrageous in my view. The charge essentially says the human body is lewd and spits in the face of humanity as far as I see it. For those who feel this way if you are a religious person as I assume many who are disgusted and outraged by this “act” are, I suggest you take it up with the designer….of supposedly the greatest creation. You know, the crowd who is so incensed by the statue of David that they need to wrap it in a Toga during the darkness of night.

    If we outlawed something everytime someone was “offended” I think most things would be illegal. Its offensive because you make it that way. I suggest just moving on and living your life. The narcissism in expecting everyone to fit within ones own comfort zone is obnoxious. There is no real harm done here. Nude is not lewd. Dont be a prude.

    • eagercolin

      Public nudity is a crime all over the world.

  • tanklv

    Is Alabama missing another judge?