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Lace & Day, because every day should include something special

2017 Gift Guide

Lace & Day, Buffalo’s premiere lingerie and sleepwear boutique, strives to help you find comfort and confidence in your daily routine. Since opening 2 years ago, sisters and co-owners Emily Constantine Doren and Holly Constantine Ortman have sought to reframe the process of going out to buy lingerie. “People often think of the word lingerie and limit it to its connotation– but all it really means is underwear, in French,” Holly said. “We want it to be an experience, so we try to build a relationship with our customers through regular fittings and records.”

Emily and Holly adopted from the European tradition where women start fittings and maintain visits with local boutiques at an early age. “It’s a lot of trust and helping customers through the process,” they said. “It’s a lot of fun and we love when our customers leave feeling fabulous.” Most preconceived notions about bra shopping aren’t very glamorous and that’s what Lace and Day wants to change, “we strive to make every woman feel comfortable and confident, to feel beautiful and most importantly have fun.”

With a focus on fit, fashion, comfort, durability and longevity, Lace and Day also makes the process easy and educational. “We want women to know that you don’t have to sacrifice the functionality of a bra for the fanciness of one, or vice versa, we provide both,” they said. “We foster a welcoming environment so we can help women find the fit that’s right for their unique body.” They suggest visiting every 6 months or after any lifestyle change so they can make sure the proper adjustments are made for your body, if needed. Because they offer band sizes 30-44 and cups A-J they are able to help most women who come their way.

The boutique carries a variety of items– pajamas, swim attire, underwear, bras, boxer briefs for men, robes and more. Always up to date, Lace and Day is constantly bringing in new collections from brands like Prima Donna, Lise Charmel, Hanky Panky, Simone Pérèle, Natori, and Bedhead Pajamas. Some of their lingerie can even convert from night to day with a slight outfit adjustment. Pair the silky chemise with a skirt for a cocktail party or simply just wear it to bed.  It has that big city boutique vibe, but instead of having to travel hours away from home to find that designer quality, you can find it right here in Buffalo.

From cozy robes to elegant night gowns, the boutique will surely change the way you think of comfort and fashion. “Our society is so fast paced and it’s ingrained in us to go home at the end of a long day and change into grubby sweatpants,” Emily said. “Those precious hours are for us to unwind and regenerate– why not slip into something that feels like butter?” With pajamas and pillowcases made from silky fabrics, she wasn’t kidding– it feels like pure bliss. What’s even better is that these delicate fabrics are made to be gentle on your skin, so they won’t pull or tug. Tired of waking up with a bed head? Those silky pillowcases might just solve your problem.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect vacation swimsuit, new bra and panties, pajamas or boxer briefs, Lace and Day has got you covered– in every sense of the word! They also have ponchos, cashmere blend socks for men and women, silk nightwear and sleep masks, as well as warm, cozy pajamas.

Looking for the perfect gift? Whether you are looking for a gift for your best friend, daughter/son, true love, or loved one, let the experts at Lace & Day make you look like the hero that you are. First, consider a gift card, it’s easy and it always fits.  Or if you know she’s been fitted before, give them a call. They can suggest a set in her size, gift wrap it, and if you are in a hurry, drive by and they will run it out to your car! They even have a “load and unload zone” out front expressly for this purpose! Talk about customer service.

Lace & Day
445 Franklin Street | Buffalo, NY | Facebook
t: 716.884.1580

Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Sunday and Monday, Closed.

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This article is part of Buffalo Rising’s 2017 Gift Guide series. Articles in this series will be published daily starting on Black Friday, November 24 and run through December 3, 2017. This year the series features 20 new and established Buffalo businesses, click here to read the related articles. With this series, we hope to promote the unique products and services available in our city to those seeking the best gifts for family and friends. This content was produced in collaboration between Buffalo Rising and the retail partners included in our Gift Guide. The facts and opinions published in Buffalo Rising express solely the thoughts and opinions of our respective authors.

Written by Alejandra Osorno

Alejandra Osorno

A Buffalo native, she attended Nardin Academy and then later went on to graduate from the University of Vermont, class of 2017. Alejandra or "Allie" majored in English and Spanish language studies while also reporting for The Cynic, the university paper. Excited and inspired by Buffalo's expansion, she found that returning home wasn't the same home she left 4 years ago. When she's not in Buffalo, it's likely she's visiting friends and family in Colombia or traveling around Latin America. She enjoys exploring the dominate part of her ethnicity and tries to converse in Spanish as much and with as many people as she can.

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  • OldFirstWard

    While the lingerie may be sexy and appealing, the white painted brick on the building looks more like those grubby sweatpants the author mentioned.

    I wonder why this business is tucked away out of sight on Franklin St. Would a location on Hertel Ave, Elmwood Ave, or even Main St. provide a much better choice for visibility and walk-in traffic? Allentown does not seem like such a good fit for a high-end women’s lingerie business.

    • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.

      Haters gonna hate.

      • OldFirstWard

        Idiots will be idiots. Hating is different from expressing opinions and making observations.

        • SpongebobOnYoShirt-Lookin Boy

          It’s a common figure of speech, old man.

    • benfranklin

      This is a very well run business. Customers come here as a destination. They offer items that are not available elsewhere in WNY. Placing the business here was an astute move. You might be surprised to know that people come from all over the U.S. to go to the Parlour, the tattoo place next door.
      Within two blocks you have a 12 story hotel going up, a billion dollars spent over at the Medical Campus. Dino-Barbeque up the street chose this area after extensive research. Drawing concentric circles from this property might put it near the economic rebirth that has taken place in the city. Hertel and Elmwood are nice for foot traffic, when you want something a bit nicer, you seek it out, and people are finding it over here on Franklin.

      • Louis Tully

        Just stop, don’t waste your time. He’s a perverted old man so he clicked hoping to see some women in lingerie, then meandered into complaining about the exterior of the building being painted brick. On an article about lingerie.

        • PaulBuffalo

          True, but we should give him credit for not adding one of his typical creepy comments about women.

          • OldFirstWard

            I’m well aware of your trolling habits and self anointed role as the pussy police. Get over yourself and actually contribute something intelligent instead of continually trying to micromanage my content.

          • Louis Tully

            I give him credit for not responding to my well-deserved personal insults. Though I’m still waiting to hear what branch of the military he served in since he’s so concerned with a memorial for black people that died serving a country that treats them like dirt. He’s probably been too busy enjoying the beautiful view from his front porch.

      • OldFirstWard

        You are really stretching this to make an irrelevant point. Comparing a lingerie store with a fast food barbeque.

        • benfranklin

          That ‘fast food’ place is 70% owned by George Soros. While I may not agree with his politics, they did their due diligence locating their store ‘out of sight on Franklin Street’. The two women that run this place took a risk, work hard, and shouldn’t have to put up with unfounded opinions from people hiding behind a keyboard.

          • OldFirstWard

            Maybe you should defog your granny glasses. Nobody is being critical of how the business is being run or questioning the work ethic of the owners. How you manage to find a political rant in this just amazing. Stick to estate sales, they were expecting you at 80 Chapin today.

          • benfranklin

            You questioned why they put the business here. The sale at 80 Chapin was good, thanks.

        • Ivan Putski Jr

          Pork Butt thong shopping