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Buffalo Shirt Club, wear your city with pride

2017 Gift Guide

Do you like to wear your Buffalove? If so, check out the newly launched Buffalo Shirt Club! Where you can get or give a Buffalo-themed shirt every month. These are limited edition, designer t-shirts for men and women that are produced in Buffalo, NY.

I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements for the ever popular subscription boxes. Well, there’s a new Buffalo-based company that you likely haven’t heard of – The Buffalo Shirt Club.

The owner, Chad Lantaff, also owns and operates Strictly Ts, in which they screen print and embroider on apparel located in Hamburg, NY. The family has been in the apparel business for over 50 years, which operated as one entity under “Mr. Mugs & Awards” until late 2011, when they broke off the apparel business to form its own brand.

Recently, We asked Chad a few questions about starting the Buffalo Shirt Club:

Q: How did you get the idea to start the Buffalo Shirt Club?

A: We had always talked about starting our own Buffalo brand, but that market is really flooded. Everywhere you go you see the same style of Buffalo themed shirt and we wanted to be different. We took a hard look at what was out on the market and noticed that there isn’t really anything that focuses on businesses in WNY.  People love the brands and businesses they support in Buffalo, so we thought that this would be a great compliment. Give locally owned and operated businesses exposure, as well as provide a way for people to stay connected to their home town.  

The model is built on exclusivity, by creating limited run shirts, we hope to create a vibe that makes each individual customer feel special. When someone says “That’s a cool shirt, where did you get?” You can tell them, “It’s a limited edition shirt from Buffalo Shirt Club and they don’t sell them anymore.”

Q: What type of Buffalo Companies have you reached out to?

A: At this point, we are talking to a few bars and breweries because that’s what is buzzing. But the club is still in the beginning stages, we would love additional feedback to see what people are interested in. In fact, here’s a link to our survey. We’d love for your readers to fill it out and let us know which new and iconic Buffalo businesses they think should be featured.

Q: Why did you choose to launch with a subscription box model?

A: Who doesn’t like getting a surprise in a box shipped to their home every month?  That’s just exciting.

Q: What inspired you to start the Buffalo Shirt Club?

A: As a kid, I loved going to my grandparents house. In their basement they had a bar with vintage beer signs. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. From the time I was little, I said that I would have something like that when I grew up. I love vintage distressed items. Now my basement is full of old street and beer signs, most of them from my grandparents basement. I want to share my love of this style through the shirt club, so all of our designs will have a vintage “throw back” feel.

The Buffalo Shirt Club will deliver comfortable tees to your door monthly with printed designs unique to Buffalo. “Each design is inspired by local 716 favorites – including the best bars, restaurants, breweries, and businesses.” As if that wasn’t awesome enough, each box will include a little something extra like: stickers, coupons, keychains – maybe even a kazoo!

The shirts are limited editions and are not for individual sale. The designs are a complete surprise, and not released in advance.  To give as a gift, just register as a member and enter your loved one’s shipping address.  Once you are signed up, they will receive an awesome, limited edition t-shirt each month. You can register for month to month, 6, or 12 months at a time.  Membership costs vary per package, and range from $15 – $23 per month.  Members must live in the USA and shipping is free.  Sizes range from S – 3XL and come in Men’s and Women’s sizes.  Also, exclusive to Buffalo Rising readers, use this code to discount 6 and 12 month memberships:


If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, then extend the holiday season with the Buffalo Shirt Club and send your loved one a special present each month.

Buffalo Shirt Club
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Check out some past designs:

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