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Agorie Headwear, a great hat can make your day

2017 Gift Guide

There was a time when everyone wore hats. From normal everyday outfits to your Sunday best, there was a hat for every occasion. The films from the Golden Age of Hollywood exude a romance and charm, and if you watch carefully, you’ll notice some of the rituals surrounding hats. For example, when entering a home, the hats and coats are placed neatly, with men’s hats placed brim up, of course, the gloves and scarf were often laid gingerly inside. Even if someone exits in anger or haste, they are sure to grab their hat, shove it on, and dramatically slam the door. If they leave without their hat, well audience, that’s JUST how distracted they were! Can you imagine?! I wonder if we are that conscious about anything these days, other than perhaps our phone.  

Today in our casual athleisure-wearing culture, the hat has fallen from its position of necessary accessory. However, Fashion editors are taking note, hats are in. Vogue Magazine’s The Fall 2017 Accessory Trend Report remarks, “Has there been a better season for hats in recent memory? Nope!” Helping to bring back the hat in Buffalo, are Mark and Meredith Michelin at Agorie Headwear.

From posh to practical, Agorie carries a wide variety of different styles for men and women such as, Fedora, Safari, Cadet, Newsboy, Knit, Fleece, Panama, Homburg, and Pork-Pie (think Hipster with a wide flat brim).

Mark, who is originally from Brooklyn, met his wife, Meredith in Albany, NY. One day, Meredith pointed at Buffalo on a map and said, “let’s move here.” A few year’s later, Buffalo is now their home. They knew they wanted to open a hat store, and after living in Buffalo for over a year, they settled on Hertel Avenue.

“Hertel is so awesome,” Mark exclaimed, “The street traffic is wonderful and there are always people walking by.” They realize it wasn’t always like this, but feel blessed that their commute is only a few minutes, compared to NYC traffic, and the neighbors and customers are so friendly. Much like the Nickel City, Hats are seeing a resurgence, and these owners know how to recognize a trend.  

Mark said that he has always loved hats, “They are just cool, but you have to have the confidence to wear them. That’s what it’s really about, confidence.” In the store there is a size and shape for everyone, and Mark and Meredith are happy to walk you through the process until you find a hat that speaks to your unique personality.

They can fill you in on the history behind that shape and style of the individual hats. The obvious ones are the summer straw hats v. the winter wool and felt, but there’s more to the hats than meets the eye. Each hat design has a practicality, the  brim, crown, crease, and dent  all serve their own purpose. Different regions, cultures, and countries have developed different styles of hats based on their use and climate. You can consider all these things when choosing a hat, or you can just pick one that looks great.

Changing the way it sits on your head can also change the way your hat looks. You can put it on asymmetrically, like Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, or wear the brim pulled down over your eyes, like Cary Grant. For a more modern look, wear it back on your head like Cara Delevingne.

Either way, consider forgoing the baseball cap, and try something a little different this year. Agorie Headwear has hats for every style and season. If you are giving as a gift and aren’t sure what they will like, consider a gift card. And if we meet on the street, be sure to tip your hat and say, “hello.”

Agorie Headwear
1434 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo NY | Facebook
t: 716.834.4287

Open: Tuesday – Friday Noon -6:00 p.m.; Saturday Noon – 5:00 p.m.

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This article is part of Buffalo Rising’s 2017 Gift Guide series. Articles in this series will be published daily starting on Black Friday, November 24 and run through December 3, 2017. This year the series features 20 new and established Buffalo businesses, click here to read the related articles. With this series, we hope to promote the unique products and services available in our city to those seeking the best gifts for family and friends. This content was produced in collaboration between Buffalo Rising and the retail partners included in our Gift Guide. The facts and opinions published in Buffalo Rising express solely the thoughts and opinions of our respective authors.

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