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A Poetic Reminder to Get Out and Vote/Volunteer

“All that’s been lost has it been forgiven?

Pray, hope, send love, it won’t change the vision.

Sit idle while you place trust in politicians.


Get out and vote, volunteer in your community.

But you sit your ass at home and want to claim immunity?


Don’t take away my guns but where’s your solutions?

Distrust the government but where’s the revolution?


Digest the news without a freethought.

Eat up every word, right from the first shot.


A Shakespearean tragedy where blood’s thicker with lead.

Where every tweet from our president brings us closer to death.
Fuck a 401K and give a CEO a multi-million-dollar golden parachute.

Cock an AK to their brain with a silver bullet signed We the people and shoot.


We’re disenfranchised, can’t stand for nothing.

A nuke on our doorstep but we think he’s bluffing.

We’re disenfranchised, yeah just keep on running.

Fuck it, even mass-murder don’t seem so stunning.”


To the great people of Buffalo, let’s embrace our reputation as The City of Good Neighbors and make it a better place by finding an opportunity to volunteer here

Change happens at local and state level elections. Just 36.4% of eligible voters turned out in 2014 for the United States midterm elections, the lowest in 70 years. Register to vote at and find all the ballot info you’ll need for the next election here

Remember ignorance is not innocence, let’s replace apathy with empathy and action. I believe in us!

Lead image: DodgertonSkillhause

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