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Sabres sit in last place, fans getting frustrated

The Sabres sit in last place in the East with only 5 wins after 18 games played. It’s not good enough.

The only thing saving us from drowning is that we have 4 overtime losses which has given us 4 extra points. Once again however, we are losing games in overtime that we should be winning in regulation. This is the SOS from last year and it’s really starting to p*ss me and a lot of other fans off. When are the problems with this roster going to be addressed? We have a backup (at best) goalie that we are playing as a #1 going out there and consistently giving up 3, 4 and 5 goals a game and an AHL defense because most of our starters are injured. Taylor Fedun played one shift against Pittsburgh and got hurt and is on IR for 6-8 weeks along with Matt Tennyson, Zach Bogosian and Rasmus Ristolainen.

When are the flaws in this roster going to be addressed?

The Sabres recalled Casey Nelson and Kyle Criscuolo who has never played an NHL game. Also, Nick Baptiste has been demoted back to Rochester after failing to make an impression in 4 games. When are these prospects that Tim Murray so highly touted going to make an impact for the Sabres? How can Baptiste not make an impression? This team is terrible and it’s a prime place for a young player to make an impact. There are plenty of other teams that have young guys who come right in and look great and make an impact. You know what I think the answer is? Tim Murray was a bum and set this franchise back. He was supposedly a great talent evaluator, but I think this is horse crap. He was garbage and we are still living with is every time Lehner takes the ice.

Now, people are going to say, well what do you want them to do? How can the team get help on defense? I have a suggestion. Trade Sam Reinhart and Evander Kane for young promising defensemen, ship Robin Lehner to wherever they will give us a bag of pucks for him and bring up Linus Ulmark and give that kid a chance. Lehner is one of Tim Murray’s mistakes and he needs to be gone. We should have beaten Pittsburgh and we had a 3-1 lead. He gave up 4 goals in regulation and of course we lost in OT. Same thing against Montreal last Saturday. In both of these games our guys battled, hell Josh Gorges even got in a fight against his old team, and our goaltending is still letting us down. It is beyond frustrating and the fans have had enough of watching this guy act like a sieve. Get him outta here.

Tonight we have the Red Wings in Detroit. They aren’t playing great hockey and after 2 stinking OT losses and three days off, can we please come out with some fire and intensity and play with some urgency? I want these players to stand up for themselves. We are the laughing stock of the league right now and other teams are eyeing us to see who they can poach from our roster. I have heard that Kane is one of the prizes being sought. We should definitely move him for defensive help. I don’t understand how people can argue that we should maintain this roster as it is currently constructed and that includes keeping Reinhart, Kane and Lehner. Their stats are meaningless when we are consistently losing. The point of this is to win games. We aren’t doing it and this roster needs to be rearranged to get players in here who take accountability and have pride in their performances. There are no moral victories in Hockey. We need to win, and this team as it’s currently constructed, is not doing it. It’s getting to the point where this season will be lost. People say, yeah, but we’re still only 6 points out of a playoff spot. Really? We aren’t going anywhere until we start having better goaltending and defense and we start playing winning hockey.

Sabres vs. Red Wings, Tonight @ 7 PM, MSG

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Written by Philip Wilkins

Philip Wilkins

Philip Wilkins is a Baseball, Hockey and Football fan and an avid Orioles, Sabres and Bills watcher. He moved to Buffalo in 2009 and has an MBA from Canisius College. He has a BA from the University of Colorado-Boulder -Go Buffs!, and has been a Buffalo fan ever since NHL '94 and the 4 Bills Super Bowls. He is a little down about Ryan O'Reilly getting traded but these feelings are more than offset by the acquisition of Rasmus Dahlin, the #1 overall draft pick in this year's NHL Entry Draft.

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