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Update: Carr Trial Date Set

Darryl Carr, the owner of record of the Mugridge Steam Bakery Building at 110 South Park Avenue in the Cobblestone Historic District, was back in Housing Court yesterday, the third court case the City has brought against Carr for the property.

Built in 1852, the Mugridge building is the oldest in the Cobblestone Historic district, and has been owned by Carr for ten years. He has proposed eliminating the building code violations on this building and a neighboring historic structure by eliminating the buildings themselves. He has attempted, through the Housing Court and Preservation Board, to demolish the structures to no avail. He has failed to adequately repair or maintain the properties, to the frustration of many. Some court-ordered mothballing work was done last year but the City’s new court case says Carr has not completed the work necessary to stabilize or maintain the buildings.

Carr reportedly wants the buildings demolished to construct a high-rise hotel on the site. No one has seen these plans and many suspect he is only interested in adding parking to the parking-saturated district.

At the hearing, Milbrand stated that plans for 110 and 118 South Park Avenue are in the “planning” stage and financing is being worked on. Judge Carney asked when the plans and financing is expected to be completed to which Mr. Milbrand answered, “mid-winter.”

It was not clear what plans were being referred to, however, Judge Carney asked the inspector representing the City, “Which plans are these? For the sixty-story building?” The inspector replied, “I think it’s seventy stories now.” An apparent expression of doubt from the City that any solid plans are in place or will materialize in the future.

There was some back-and-forth between the attorney and the inspector when the City asked for a trial date. The attorney referenced the Mothballing Agreement with the City, which the inspector was using as grounds for his request that this case goes to trial. Mr. Milbrand appealed to Judge Carney, but the Judge stated that a trial would determine if the Mothballing Agreement is being violated. A March 15, 2018 date was set, which allows for the dubious plans and financing to be put in place “mid-winter”.

Stop the madness.

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