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The Love is Love Party to raise funds for 500 more lawn signs.

Activists of Buffalo and WNY Peace Center are celebrating a milestone marker. To date, the Love is Love Party has distributed 500 signs emblazoned with the affirmations of Peace, Justice, Kindness and Love.

The stepped up #loveisloveBUF movement began back in September when an Allentown resident discovered that someone had torched her lawn sign. The alarmed woman soon realized that the ashes from the burned sign had formed the shape of a heart, which she took as a signal to carry the message even further. 

The #LoveisLoveBUF campaign spreads love in these times of hate.

Since the formation of the Love is Love Party, the grassroots groups have been doing their best to keep the signs in stock. There are more and more requests coming in for the signs everyday, from as far away as Ohio, Florida, Arizona, and even California. So many, in fact, that a fundraiser is being held on Thursday, October 19, from 5pm to 8pm at the WNY Peace Center, NRC Building, 1272 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14209 (entrance & parking round back; additional parking @ Unity Church, 1243 Delaware (across street). Food and beer and wine will be catered by local establishments, including Alexa Joan, Lloyd Taco, The Rogue Cellar and Community Beer Works. This event is FREE. 

The arsonist was trying to extinguish a message that promoted peace, kindness, unity, acceptance, diversity, and above all – love. 

Join the WNY Peace CenterActivists of BuffaloStronger Together WNY, and Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization (BPTO) to spread the word that Buffalo will not tolerate hate.

When available, the signs can be picked up at Thin Ice, from Activists of Buffalo, and from Stronger Together WNY – Action Together Network at the Book Club. It’s time to get another 500 signs out onto the street – to show that Buffalo will not cower in fear from those who would want to disrupt the natural balance of humanity. 

Be sure to stay tuned to the Facebook event page for further information. Donations are always welcome.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • Johnny Pizza

    Why do they lump all of these issues together as if people can’t have different opinions on different issues? This red vs. blue mentality makes the divide worse, not better.

    • distas


    • Captain Picard

      Eh, I don’t know. A lot of people seem to think these posters are “liberal” but I lean right in many ways and I agree with everything on them. I first saw these signs at my Airbnb on a recent trip out west and I’m glad to see them showing up in Buffalo. I’ll happily be divided from people who oppose basic decency.

      • Johnny Pizza

        I support every one of those statements with the exception of “No human is illegal”. People can in fact be illegally in the country. I support legal immigration, I don’t support a border wall and I don’t support closing down all immigration. But the sign would suggest it is wrong to say someone is illegally in the country, which I do not agree with.

        I also am 180 degrees opposite of you on what the posters are. They are liberal posters. Yes, a few of the issues should be commonly accepted (Science is real as an example), but the posters nonetheless express entirely liberal viewpoints. And that is fine, but I dislike the bundling together of issues as if it is a all or none proposition.

        • foreverbflo

          Johnny Pizza, I concur. Well said.
          However, along that same vein should be “All Lives matter”…. verses just black lives.
          Also, Men have control of their bodies and not just women.
          I think someone just selected a bunch of hot button societal/political issues and grouped them in to a colorful poster.
          Someone should have thought of this a little better.
          And yes, there ARE illegal immigrants. Absolutely. Happens every hour of every day. Then they fall through the cracks eventually and AGAIN my tax dollars have to subsidize their illegal existance, food, clothing, roof, education, training, medical, dental, etc…. Dont get me started. If people dont mind illegal immigration, then those people should fund 100% of every subsidy now in place for those illegal immigrants – not the taxpayer.

          • Matt Marcinkiewicz

            The whole point of these signs is to send the message that all lives matter. Black Lives Matter is a movement for a segment of the population that is need of such a movement. I’ve long said that if I were black I’d be a Black Panther. I continue to say that.

        • Matt Marcinkiewicz

          I think on that one the sign is more objecting to the dehumanizing terminology in play when ‘illegal’ is used. I don’t think the implication is to abolish all immigration policy.

  • UrbanLove

    Great stuff!

  • foreverbflo

    Of course some humans are illegal in this country. Really?
    Thats a no brainer.

    And, “All” lives matter btw.

    Men are also in charge of their own bodies. Really?

    Boy, this is certainly some far left liberalism in play here.
    Shouldn’t BRO be unbiased?
    This one has crossed the line.

    I wager those that came up with these signs did not vote for Trump.

    • Matt Marcinkiewicz

      ‘Shouldn’t BRO be unbiased’

      Has it ever been unbiased? You’re not new here, although I haven’t seen you post in a while. Have you forgotten what this site is like?

      ‘I wager those that came up with these signs did not vote for Trump.’

      And it is to their credit that they did not. Fuck anyone who did. I have a hard time conceding that pro-Trump lives matter, heh.