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The Book Fairy looks to inspire children to read and end illiteracy

One of the exciting things to watch in Buffalo the past few years is the nurture and growth of Buffalo’s start-up community. The area is buzzing with new ideas looking to make it to market and beyond. Last night at Big Ditch Brewing Company, a launch party was held for The Book Fairy – an innovative product that hopes to inspire children to read which will create a more literate society. A crowdfunding campaign kicked off today to pre-sell The Book Fairy, which includes a figurine and a book. 

Much like the Tooth Fairy, The Book Fairy delivers books (new, used or from libraries) to children. The Book Fairy figurine has a lighted dress that children illuminate to signal that they want a new story to read. It’s a fun and interactive way to get children excited about reading. The goal of The Book Fairy is not only to have fun but to create a country where everyone can read a menu, a job application or even read a book to a child.

The goal of The Book Fairy is not only to have fun but to create a country where everyone can read a menu, a job application or even read a book to a child.

The inspiration for The Book Fairy came to Fairy Bunch LLC owner Melanie Bunch from two emotional sources. Ms. Bunch was driving in her car one day and heard an NPR report on America’s illiteracy problem. She was appalled to hear that an advance country such as ours had startling illiteracy rates. It made her frustrated and sad. Melanie also thought about her cousin Dawn Hochsprung, who tragically lost her life in 2012 acting as the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Ms. Hochsprung was fondly remembered by students for dressing up as “The Book Fairy,”  where she would visit classrooms with a sparkly dress made of Christmas lights. When Dawn visited classrooms as The Book Fairy, she would grant them 30 more minutes of reading time. Through these life events and inspirations, Melanie started creating The Book Fairy in January 2016. Last night’s Launch Party was the culmination of 21 months of work.

The goal is to raise money for the first production of The Book Fairy. The fairy will be sold exclusively online.Through publicity and a successful crowd-funding campaign, there is hope that the product will catch the eye of national retailers who can help distribute the product to a larger playing field. Melanie also plans on introducing new characters that will inspire

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  • children’s are future of any country so if our children’s understand the value or books and education then they defiantly grow.

    • Doug Sitler

      Right on! They say reading to kids is one of the most important things you can do for their development!

    • Louis Tully

      Oh dear…

  • ZEBRA9

    Lovely idea but judging by photos could use some diversity both in the planning and the book fairy herself. Hope there will be “fairies of color” and books in Spanish and other languages for children of our immigrant community. Could this project merge with the big library project which gives books to kids or the little give one/take one book kiosks?

    • Doug Sitler

      There are definitely plans for diverse Book Fairies. The molds/prototypes costs over $5,000. At the time, the project could only afford one prototype.