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Ten Thousand Villages set to open in The Elmwood Village

Author: Sara Ali

Buffalo’s Elmwood Village will soon be home to Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit fair trade retailer practicing responsible ethics to ensure artisans can make a living off their crafts. This international retailer works with artists from developing countries and compensates them correspondingly to their skills. They are currently located in the suburban Main Street area of Williamsville, and recently ran a pop-up shop in downtown Buffalo.

Ten Thousand Villages also has a website which offers an array of beautiful products to enamor the eyes. From silver handmade earrings from Nepal, to a bohemian recycled sari cloth handcrafted from Bangladesh, and Dead Sea soap from Israel, this one-shop-stop will satisfy all of your shopping needs.

Not only does the social enterprise offer beautiful, handmade products from all over the globe, they work to increase the quality of life for the artisans. Ten Thousand Villages changes the lives of 20,000 makers from 30 developing countries by putting food on the table and sending children to school, to say the least.

This fall, Ten Thousand Villages will relocate to 736 Elmwood – the former Urban Leisure and Luxury. To learn more, check out their website. Better yet, stop on in at their store, say hi, and get start on some early Christmas shopping!

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  • harlan

    I suppose it’s better than another empty Elmwood store front.

    • Mr. “S”

      Did this new “development” get GRETCHEN’S approval??? Is it Green Code compliant? Maybe a law suit to stop this progress? Looks like a historic property that MUST not ever be altered in any shape, form or manner!

      • RayFinkle

        ha ha yessss , hope they did not break green code

  • Andy Wulf

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a business with its heart in the right place and I wish them the best. But I can’t help noticing that the non-restaurant half of the West Side Bazaar, where they sell basically the same thing, is a ghost town more often than not. Those vendors may be able to stay in business regardless due to the low overhead of operating a market stall in a not-for-profit business incubator, but I can’t see the equivalent lasting long in the astronomically high-rent Elmwood Village.

    • grovercleveland

      They seem to stay open in the heart of williamsville.

    • townline

      Power of a brand. It’ll work fine on Elmwood. Though I’d also like to see West Side Bizarre take off even more than it has.

      • greenca

        Why do you think the west side is bizarre?

        • townline

          haha! Touche!

          Bazaar. Should never post from my phone.

  • grovercleveland

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a neat shop with friendly owners.

    • Buffaloexpat

      The store is like crack for my step mom. It’s saved me many times when getting her a gift

  • mediumriser

    Good luck! It will be closed in a year from now.