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Fred Frandina discusses his Freddies Donuts (ad)venture

Back in April, Fred Frandina launched his new donut bicycle cart, thus bringing back the fond memories of one of this city’s most beloved culinary institutions… a twist on the old school Freddies Doughnuts

The doughnuts are all hand-made, and use fresh ingredients.  For instance, a blueberry pancake doughnut uses real blueberries, not flavoring.  They are quality products, and are made just an hour or two before they are boxed and out for sale.  Each bike ride sale day, the doughnuts’ variety vary. Sometimes there are old classics, and sometimes there are new flavors.  The ideas are always ‘now’.

So after a solid season of selling, BRO wanted to know how the first few months went for this entrepreneurial donut slinger.

Vanilla Fudge Royal with Pecans, Maple Dip, and Classic Glazed

How are things in donut land?

Freddies Doughnuts has been going very well this 2017 season – the community has been awesome and many customers come see me every weekend so they can try this week’s new Freddies Doughnuts flavors.

Tell us about the selling experience.

Selling doughnuts from my doughnut-bike has been a fun experience. I get the opportunity to talk to each customer, I hear a lot of good stories, and I get to be a part of the city in a small way.

What have you learned along the way? How have you adapted to the market?

Over the summer season Freddies Doughnuts has evolved in many ways with improving my kitchen space and improving my bikes. One thing I learned is that the two-wheeled top-heavy doughnut-bike that I built is a bit of an unstable ride; I liken it to surfing on a pool noodle, haha! Nevertheless the basics of Freddies Doughnuts has remained the same…

Lemon Rosemary, Carnival Cotten Candy, and Classic Glazed

Tell us about the sales’ routine, and the donuts.

Morning Fresh Doughnuts made from scratch using natural ingredients with flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. I am still selling on Friday and Saturday Mornings from the doughnut-bikes, and I have a new Freddies Doughnut flavor available each day.

Classic Glazed, CinnaDough Ginger Snap, and Double Pistachio

What are some of the winning flavors?

Customers love my Classic Glazed Doughnuts and some of the other fan favorites have been: Triple Pistachio, Loganberry, Lemon Rosemary, Mint Julep, Eclipse, Coffee with Cream and Sugar, Fun-Freddie, Cinnamon Cider, and the Bourbon Doughnuts I’ve done with Buffalo Distilling Co.

Where and when can people find you?

My Hertel Avenue bike runs Friday and Saturday mornings starting at 9am until sold out and has been operating for 6 months.

Any expansion plans?

I recently added a second bike that also runs starting at 9am Saturday mornings on Elmwood Ave. The Hertel Avenue bike starts in front of Revolver Records, and the Elmwood Avenue Bike starts in front of PosterArt.

What’s next moving forward?

As for new things, many holidays are coming up and so are the holiday flavored Freddies Doughnuts! I’m always trying to incorporate natural flavors into my doughnuts in new ways, so stay tuned to the Facebook page to see the weekend’s doughnuts unveiled every Thursday morning.

Anything else?

Also developing is a Freddies Doughnuts brick and mortar location in the next few months, details are still being finalized.

Photo: Fred stands with Iris and Shane Depree Fry | Photo by Glenn Murray

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