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Courtyard Marriott Opens in Niagara Falls

BF Patel and family have opened Niagara Falls’ newest and most unique hotel in recent years. Originally built as a Chocolate Factory for the Niagara Chocolate Company in 1912, the building later became home to the northeast headquarters for Moore Business Forms employing thousands of Niagara Falls residents for decades. After Moore closed its operations in Niagara Falls in the late 2000s, the building sat vacant for a few years before being purchased by the Patel’s in 2010.

After partnering with Marriott, Waterbourne Construction Advisors, Carmina Wood Morris, and Mussachio Architects and investing approximately $12.8 million into the project, the iconic and beloved building has been reinvigorated with new life as a Courtyard by Marriott hotel.Today, the hotel boasts a retro industrial lobby, heated saltwater pool, meeting room, full service bar and bistro with an expansive outdoor patio and firepit. Each room differs slightly from the other offering a variation of high ceilings, large windows, columns, and configuration. As a result the hotel has some of the most unique, spacious, and accommodating rooms in Niagara Falls, USA.  

In conjunction with the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area and Niagara Falls Public Library, the hotel’s public spaces including the guestroom hallway’s are curated to tell the story of Power and Growth in the City of Niagara Falls through the lens of the building and its surroundings. The guests are offered a unique experience being immersed in the industrial heritage of Niagara Falls, while enjoying modern amenities. 

Courtyard Marriott Niagara Falls, USA

  • 037-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ (1)
    Lobby Focal Mural
  • 038-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Lobby Lounge
  • 039-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Lobby Lounge
  • 036-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Patio Firepit
  • 029-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Welcome Desk
  • 025-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    The Bistro
  • 030-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    The Bistro
  • 028-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    The Market
  • 027-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Go-Board Touch Screen
  • 031-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Business Center
  • 032-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Lobby Lounge
  • 033-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Media Lounge
  • 022-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Fitness Center
  • 023-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ (1)
    Heated Pool
  • 024-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Meeting Room
  • 020-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
  • 008-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom View
  • 014-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom Nook
  • 015-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
  • 016-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom Wet-Bar
  • 018-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom Sitting Area
  • 007-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom Bathroom
  • 006-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Guestroom Balcony
  • 034-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Exterior Main Entrance
  • 026-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ
    Exterior Monument Wall
  • 035-CourtyardNF-08232017-DZ

Written by Niagara Falls Guy

Niagara Falls Guy

Buffalo and Niagara Falls are connected as a region. The cities are tied together through an economic, cultural and environmental climate. Not to mention the people that strive to make Western NY a place that is filled with growth and opportunity. Niagara Falls is an international draw that deserves ample coverage when fitting news comes to pass.

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