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Video Game Development – Fall Workshop Series at Buffalo Game Space

Author: Anthony Swinnich

Have you ever had an idea for a video game but felt like you didn’t know where to start? The Fall Workshop Series at Buffalo Game Space is the perfect way to start the journey into game development.

This 10-course series is geared toward those who have never opened a game development engine. Each course will be hands-on and is being taught by an expert from the Buffalo area.

“We’re very excited to offer this great opportunity to local students,” said John Futcher, Buffalo Game Space president. “By exposing students to the broad range of STEAM skills utilized in game development, students will not only learn to create their first game, but also how to work with interdisciplinary teams and grow their own technical expertise.”

The course list was carefully constructed to cover as many aspects of game development as possible. Programming is a key component in creating software, but crafting art and constructing sound are important elements as well.

Like last year, Buffalo Game Space is actively seeking individuals for sponsorship. Those who are accepted will be able to attend each workshop at no cost whatsoever. Applications can be submitted here

“My favorite workshops were the Intro to Level Design, Character Creation, and Music Creation workshops,” said Joan Nobile, a sponsored member from 2016. “As someone who is interested in the design aspects of game creation, the workshops did a good job of not just introducing the basic aspects of all of these, but showing just how much work goes into the creation of a game.”

The Fall Workshop Series kicks off on October 3. More information can be found at the Buffalo Game Space website

Additional workshops at Game Space include:

10/3 – Game Design: History and Theory

10/10 – Intro to Unity: Editor Basics and 3D

10/17 – Intro to Unity: 2D, Physics and Animation

10/24 – Programming C# in Unity

11/7 – Character Design in Pixel Art

11/14 – Environment Design in Pixel Art

11/21 – Basics of 2D Level Design

11/28 – Sound and Music in Famitracker

12/5 – Using Version Control

12/12 – The How and Why of UI

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