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Intimate concert with Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls, Saw) at SPoT Coffee on Elmwood

Rock/ Blues band SMITHRADIO's lead singer: Scott Patterson, a.k.a. Luke from Gilmore Girls

Scott Patterson, a.k.a. Luke, from the early 2000’s show Gilmore Girls and from multiple Saw movies, was in Buffalo debuting his new career: music. Patterson’s band SMITHRADIO started their acoustic coffee house tour in Sacramento on July 16. They have started to work their way across various states on the East and West Coast, landing in Buffalo on Monday, July 31 at SPoT Coffee on 765 Elmwood Avenue, a place that should consider doing more concerts like this one due to its success. The Atomic Love tour will continue all the way up until August 5, ending in Cincinnati.  Some shows have the option of buying a meet & greet ticket, and with any ticket purchase you will be considered to win a free “coffee date” with Patterson.

The concert had a very intimate feel considering there was about one hundred people crammed into SPoT Coffee. When Patterson first came out “on stage”, he seemed overwhelmed by the screaming fans of Luke from Gilmore Girls, but still he took videos and selfies with the audience. Hardcore Gilmore Girl fans wore the “Luke look,” a flannel and backwards hat, while others had Luke’s Coffee Tee-Shirts and other Gilmore Girls memorabilia. Patterson warmed up to the crowd and told stories about his tour so far, his personal life, and his life as a celebrity. When he prompted the crowd to guess who he saw at a famous rock-and-roll hotel restaurant in California, a fan in the crowd guessed that it was Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Graham, which Patterson found very humorous.

Patterson sang about five songs, most from his new album ‘Revolution.’ My favorite was ‘Shady,’ an ode to his crazy ex-girlfriend. His other songs had a variety of dedications behind them, between his three-year-old son (the reason for the countless Halloween stickers on his guitar), past girlfriends, famed rock stars, and people with PTSD. It is evident that Patterson and his guitarist Suni have a lot passion and talent, as they slammed on their guitars, filling the room with music, even having a guitar battle at one point. This is by no means Patterson’s first entry into the music scene – he started his first band in third grade. Since then he has written over 500 songs, covering every genre and style based on the feelings he is trying to convey to his listeners. 

“When I play my guitar I hunt for chords, progressions that evoke something – a feeling, an image. When it’s right the song just floods in, overwhelms me.  Then it’s a mad rush to get it down on paper before it changes. The lyrics start with a word, then a sentence, then a verse, then a chorus. It’s about what you feel as much as what makes you feel.” – Scott Patterson

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