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Black Box Studio Buffalo

Pennant by Oxford Pennant

Tonight is the official unveiling of Black Box Studio Buffalo at 567 Exchange Street. The creative team of Lindsay Robson and Heather Sargent is in the process of making a distinctive mark on the outskirts of Larkinville, by co-mingling their professional interests. Robson’s “Nickel City Pretty” will join up with Sargent’s “BlackBird Photography” to become a creative space unlike any other in town. I sat down with the two owners to discuss their plans for this inspirational studio space. 

The way the whole thing came about, is that Robson realized that she had outgrown her home office. She was familiar with 567 Exchange Street, because she had some friends that had studio space in the building. Upon calling management, she was told that a space was opening, but it was a bit larger than she needed. So she “shouted out” on Facebook that she was looking for a studio mate, and Sargent, who had just moved back to Buffalo from Phoenix, answered the call. Interestingly, though the two were “friends” on Facebook, they had never met in real life. Sometimes life… or Facebook… works in funny ways.

Before long, Robson and Sargent were discussing plans for the studio. Then they began to overhaul the space.

The Black Box Studio Buffalo concept is a mash-up of the owners’ interests. Nickel City Pretty is a life and style blog revolving mainly around Buffalo. Robson started NCP back in 2013, because she was “completely obsessed with Buffalo” and wanted to tell the world about all of the great things, and people, that she was encountering. Eventually, Robson got a hankering to do some wrangling, and launched Buffalo Blogging Network, which currently features over 75 bloggers in the network. Aside from “housing” the bloggers under one “roof”, Robson hosts networking events throughout the city. According to Robson, the new Black Box Studio Buffalo space will allow her to grow her networking concepts which are driven by her passion for Buffalo. 

Lindsay Robson

As for Sargent, her creative vision is also coming into focus. Her plan for the Black Box Studio Buffalo space is to take her wedding portrait photography business to an entirely different level. Sargent’s goal is to create larger than life set design pieces in the studio, while taking the concept off-site at the same time, via remote sets. She says that her photography skills mesh well with Robson’s vision for the studio, to the point where the two can combine a flight of marketing offerings for clients.

Heather Sargent

Together, their joint interests range from fashion and makeup, to merchandising. They also both love the color “black” – hence the color of the walls, the name of the studio, and even their choice of clothing. Apart from their fondness of the color black, Robson and Sargent have very colorful personalities. The two are already talking about creating a mechanism that will allow all of the 567 Exchange Street occupants to network. They are also planning on hosting a number of collaborative events and pop-ups. “We’ve cleansed the studio (with sage),” they told me. “We’re starting off fresh… there are nothing but good vibes here.”

Good vibes indeed. Here’s to a successful launch with great things to come for these two go-getters.

Black Box Studio Buffalo | 567 Exchange Street, Suite 104 | Buffalo, New York | @blackboxstudobuffalo | (716) 481-6734

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