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RepHike is more than a job portal or an agency.

Author: Pearl Steinzor 

Are you a college student associated with a club or society? Are you and your organization looking for ways to enhance your presence, get your name out to major businesses, and increase your network? If so, then I would like to introduce you to RepHike.

RepHike connects students and student organizations to brands so that they can find campus rep jobs or raise sponsorship for their activities, act as ambassadors, and get rewarded for marketing campaigns.

Co-founder and COO, Olivia Goldstein, launched RepHike in India while she was working on campus marketing for a company. Olivia later brought the company to Buffalo – a city that she felt offered the most growth and potential for young entrepreneurs and millennials.

So, what makes RepHike stand out from all the other public relations companies? RepHike is more than a job portal or an agency. Using the strategic software, brands can manage their entire campus rep program, from recruitment, to management, to compensation, all the way to analyzing the performance of the reps. Students are able to identify campus rep positions, and ultimately build better relations with brands with the help of the management software. RepHike is also in the business of pinpointing products that perform best when marketed to younger audiences.

To date, RepHike has a presence on over 150 college campuses across the US.

  • Show how awesome you are and share your portfolio and interests with top brands for job prospects.
  • Choose your favorite rep jobs and notify brands that you would love to work for them by applying to their campaign.
  • Get compensated to create content for brands, provide feedback, work events, spread the word, etc.

RepHike has just raised $25,000 by attending Start Fast Venture Accelerator in Syracuse, NY, funded by La Moines private investments. Olivia mentioned what an honor it has been, to be one of the companies participating in the annual three month convention, held from May through August of this year (along with a Demo Day). She also mentioned what a great experience it has been to meet with mentors and gain seed investments for RepHike’s future.

Moving forward, RepHike plans to grow locally. The start-up is in the process of raising additional rounds of funding, to create an even stronger core team, while continuing to build its brand on college campuses throughout the US.

RepHike’s All-in-One Brand Ambassador Solution

Launch Your Campaign – Customize your brand ambassador campaign and define your target audience.

Apply and Invite – Browse through RepHike’s talented student rep and club community and invite reps and orgs to participate in your campaign. Companies also receive applications directly from interested students and clubs.

Assign Tasks & Manage Ambassadors – Efficient and easy communication with campus reps and clubs who are enrolled in your campaign. Assign tasks and monitor progress.

Analyze and Reward – Understand and visualize how your ambassadors are performing and compensate/reward your brand ambassadors.

Interested in working with Olivia and RepHike? For more information visit

(phone) +1 (716) 249-1849


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